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The red leather trousers.

14 Dec
You’ve already seen these utterly fantastic red leather trousers in my previous post on Tramp Vintage. I fell for them hard and the super generous ladies at Tramp sent them to me! Forget making my day, they made my week. As the gorgeous cherry colour is so bright, I decided to keep it simple and wear my faithful Georgia Rose stilettos from Sarenza and a plain black vest top from Zara which really allows the leather trousers to become the focal point of the outfit. Not that there’s any danger of them fading to the background, colour aside the great cut, folder over cuffs, tie up back and super nipped in scallop waist make sure all eyes are on them. I think I’ll go for a more high octane look next time though, my sheer cobalt blue shirt is crying out for a playdate with them. Would you wear cherry red trousers? 

Dressing up at Tramp Vintage

4 Dec

Last week, I posted about my trip to Brighton to check out the beautiful Tramp Vintage boutique. While I was there, the lovely Francesca and I had a little impromptu dressing up session – there were so many gorgeous pieces I wouldn’t leave without trying a couple half the shop on. What’s your favourite piece? 

These red leather trousers are such a statement piece. The scarlet red colour is so vibrant, the leather is baby soft and the high waist really pulls you in at the waist to give a really feminine silhouette. I literally did not want to take these off! 

I loved this faux fur trench coat, it’s a really different cut for a faux fur which tend to be a little looser and shapeless. The leather details on the cuffs were the perfect finishing touches. 

I have to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure about this cute little dress but I think it looks lovely on. It fit like a glove and it the colour and pattern look fab, much better than when it’s on the hanger. 

This sweet little velvet dress was a bit of a favourite over on my Facebook page. It’s shape and fabric are so on trend for this season, I would much rather have an original piece rather than a replica churned out for one of the high street retailers, especially as this dress was in such good condition.  

The last two dresses were real showstoppers. Francesca asked me to choose my favourite to try on but it would be cruel to choose, wouldn’t it? 

Introducing Tramp Vintage

27 Nov

A week ago, I popped over to Brighton to meet my friend Steph from Deer Brains and check out Brighton’s best vintage emporium – Tramp Vintage. Situated a hop and a skip away from the railway station, the stunning window immediately caught my eye. The three stunning white lace gowns in the window really made Tramp stand out in a street littered with vintage stores and gave a good indication as to what you will discover inside. 

After admiring the window, I stepped inside to find a twinkly treasure trove of vintage gems. What I loved about Tramp is that it has a real high end, boutique vibe. Their vintage pieces are in immaculate condition and organised by colour making the whole store both visually appealing and easy to browse. There’s no trawling through endless rails and piles of clothing in the hopes of unearthing a gem – this is my pet hate and why I don’t often shop vintage. At Tramp, every single piece is exquisite and hung carefully, the shoes are often displayed with their boxes (including a pair of vintage Vivienne Westwood heels), jewellery is beautifully laid out, brooches are pinned to a dressmaker’s dummy. Michelle has done a fantastic job, Tramp is the most beautifully curated and kept vintage stores I’ve ever visited. If you’re in Brighton, make Tramp Vintage your number one destination, the beach and pier can wait.