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TOMTOM Jewellery arrives at Nyla Boutique

18 Oct

During one of my regular ‘look at pretty things on Nyla Boutique’ sessions, I discovered that they cheekily added another fabulous jewellery
brand to their impressive brand roster – TOMTOM Jewellery. If the name sounds
familiar, it’s because designer Elena Coleman Howell designed a capsule
collection for Walt Disney Signatures for the film TRON: Legacy. It only takes
a quick peek at the precision and geometric shapes of the ‘Future 70s’
collection to realise that designer Elena’s background as a trained architect
is a huge inspiration for her designs. It may be a little predictable, but I
fell in love with this statement necklace from the collection. I love the
dreamy deep blue of lapis and it contrasts really well with the antique brass.

As with any great piece of jewellery, I can imagine wearing it in about a
million different ways. I’ve showcased two below: contemporary and classic. The
necklace is simple enough to be dressed down with a simple slogan tee and some
edgy metallic trousers. The blue suede platforms echo colour of the lapis
stones almost perfectly, pulling the outfit together. The classic outfit
features a chic, figure flattering dress from the Mary Portas range at House of
Fraser. The shoe boots add a little bit of an edge while the ring echoes the
triangle shapes in the necklace. How would you wear the necklace?

Carvela Stella boots – £155.04

Introducing Kyle Hopkins

6 Oct

readers of this little blog will know that I appreciate a nice piece of
jewellery, especially big, statement pieces with a bit of an edge. My Joomi Lim
spike bracelet is practically super glued onto my arm and I have a number of
knuckleduster rings which always draw admiring glances. It’s fairly difficult
to describe the sort of aesthetic I like in pieces, I don’t think there’s one
overarching theme or word to describe the style but think Pamela Love,  Anton Heunis, TomTom, Dominic Jones and
Eastern Mystic. Finding a new designer to add to my niche list is pretty hard
work but I think I’ve discovered my latest jewellery lust label – Kyle Hopkins.

a quick whistle-stop tour of the exhibitions at London Fashion Week, my inner fashion
magpie spotted some interesting jewels glinting in yonder distance. Mesmerised,
I walked straight past several stands to investigate. Kyle’s collection was
made up of 5-6 mini collections which are breathtaking statement pieces but
begin as a concept rather than the design. Heavily inspired by the books Kyle
is reading, the collections have various influences but are equally eyecatching.
His bones collection is an exploration into fashion tribes, urban dystopia and
cultural diffusion, the botanical collection is inspired by Derrida and the
concept of idealised beauty and even the Fibonacci sequence is referenced. Proving
that style and substance can go hand in hand, his collections provoke thought
and pose questions whilst making a design statement.

You can purchase limited pieces from his collection on Bengt