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Jessie J in Bebaroque

3 Oct

 Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that 95% of the music I listen to is old school. Old is gold. I appreciate a thumping beat, heavy on the drums and smart lyrics. You have to be really exceptional to make me sit up and pay attention, most artists these days are just puppets. They sing what they’re told to sing, wear what they’re told to wear and are autotuned to death. I can’t respect or listen to an ‘artist’ like that. How am I supposed to believe in your music if it’s not coming from the heart? 

One of the few ‘new’ artists I absolutely adore is Jessie J. I remember first seeing her absolutely kill it on stage at Britain’s Next Top Model Live when I worked the event, just before Do It Like A Dude blew up, she had such a presence and owned the stage in her leotard and 6 inch platforms. I also saw her live at Vivienne Westwood’s party at The Wallace Collection last LFW. Jessie sang three acoustic tracks and hearing her live, stood just about two meters in front of her, I was blown away by her voice. Believe me, there is no auto-tune trickery on her tracks, her voice is monumental. She looked incredible. 

The thing I admire about Jessie is that she is 100% herself and she has a killer dress sense. Not one to slavishly follow trends, she dances to the beat of her own fashion drum. With a penchant for corsets and tights, it was no surprise to see her in Bebaroque tights in the 25th anniversary edition of Q Magazine. The fringed tights aren’t new but they’re one of Bebaroque’s covetable signatures.

I heart hosiery

21 Nov
One of the things I absolutely love about Autumn/Winter is that I can wear tights again. I’m a total hosiery-holic, I’m constantly buying new pairs and looking out for something different. Black opaques are very chic, colourful opaques are lovely for livening up an all black outfit but there are so many exciting types of tights out there, I love patterned tights and lace tights. My latest obsession is embellished tights, the Bebaroque ones are my favourites.

I’ve selected my favourite tights for evening, which are shimmery or embellished, patterned tights for daytime and lace tights.  

Anna Sui paisley print shimmer tights (Urban Outfitters) – £25