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Rodarte for Opening Ceremony autumn/winter 2011

16 Aug

The Mulleavy sisters never disappoint, even when it comes to lower prices collaborations. Their second collection for Opening Ceremony is typical Rodarte, capturing an ethereal, otherworldly beauty which belongs to another era. Inspired by Scandinavia, Nordic prints and Fair Isle knits are littered throughout this pretty collection. The long silhouettes with tiers, ruffles and gentle wisps of fabrics in nude, pastel shades are simply dreamy. 



5 Jan

I tried to be cute and create my own portmanteau from ballet and inspiration…but it kind of didn’t work. Nevermind, let’s gloss over the name of the blogpost! Ballet seems to be having a bit of a moment in popular culture right now, inspiring designers and musicians alike. I’m sure everyone has heard of The Black Swan, buzz about the movie is reaching fever pitch. Everything from the plot, Natalie Portman’s performance and the Rodarte-designed costumes are whipping everyone up into a frenzy. I love Rodarte because the Mulleavy sisters just seem so starkly different to the rest of the fashion world and just seemed to stumble upon the formula for a brand which has enchanted the fashion world. The story behind how they got involved in the film is typical Rodarte – Natalie Portman is a huge fan and introduced the sisters to the film’s director Darren Aronofsky which led to a commission for 40 costumes. Most of these are in the Swan Lake performance but they also created knitwear, legwarmers, leotards and wrap over cardigans too. 

Many others are also being inspired by ballet, I posted last month about Kinder Aggugini’s collaboration with the English National Ballet which was utterly gorgeous and Kanye West has fused ballet with hiphop in his stunning video for Runaway. I used to love ballet as a child, I got up to grade 5 doing pointe work before giving it up and I’ve regretted it for a while. But seeing the trailers, costumes and music videos has really reignited my passion. So much so that I shall be resuming classes in a couple of weeks time…! Here’s the trailer to The Black Swan as well as sneak peeks of the outfits and sketches. Kanye’s video is at the end. 

Fashion Fix

27 Mar

A while ago, I used to do a weekly post called Fashion Fix which kind of rounded up all the fashion news into one post. I’m feeling a little nostalgic so I thought I would bring it back 🙂 

Revillon and Rodarte? 

There have been lots of whisperings that Rodarte would be bought by LVMH group as CEO Pierre-Yves Roussel has been front row for the past two seasons.  Now, there are rumours that someone else may have already snapped them up. Apparently the Mulleavy sisters are in talks with French furrier Revillon. According to the rumours, their first collection will be shown in July alongside Paris couture. Rodarte’s rep denies the rumours, but watch this space.  I’m not sure how I feel about this to be honest, I just feel that fur is a little unnecessary these days. It would definitely be a very controversial move for them.

In other Rodarte news, they are collaborating with director Darren Aronofsky on his new film Black Swan, which stars Natalie Portman.

Theory and Proenza?

There must be something in the air, the lads from Proenza Schouler have apparently met with Andrew Rosen, CEO of Theory, who may be interested in a stake of the American label. Theory already invests in the likes of Rag and Bone and Alice + Olivia.

Tom Ford womenswear steams ahead

This is the most exciting news of all. Tom Ford is on a recruiting spree for his womenswear design team. Here’s a roll call of who has been hired: Caroline Tixier (Givenchy), Pablo Coppola (McQueen) and Michael Lewis (Gucci,  Louis Vuitton and Burberry). Ford is reported to return to womenswear for Autumn 2011, probably with a presentation rather than a show either set in New York or Milian. I cannot wait to see what the creative outcome is, but I’m sure it will completely blow me away. 

Stella shrinks Gap

Stella McCartney’s first collection for Gap Kids sold out of large sizes within hours, so she’s cut everything slightly smaller this season. To be honest, I didn’t pay the last collection much mind, seeing as it was for kids. But I may try to squeeze myself into something as I’ve heard it’s amazing!
New Model/Designer

Irina Lazareanu is the latest model to jump on the model/designer bandwagon. I do like her style, but to be honest I’m sick of people (celebrities and models) deviating from the day job to dabble in design. Lindsey Lohal and Ungaro, I’m talking to you! Designers do such an amazing job I really feel this undermines their vision, creativity and talent. 

Fendi and Chanel hit New York

Andre Leon Talley has confirmed reports that Karl Lagerfeld is shooting both Chanel and Fendi campaigns in New York. He was shooting Freja Beha Erichsen and Abbey Lee Kershaw in Chanel around SoHo and the Lower East Side during the week. If the stupid BA strike wasn’t on, I would be so tempted to jump on a flight to do some Karl-stalking!

Rodarte Fall 2010

18 Feb
Rodarte’s pretty and delecate Fall 2010 collection showed a huge evolution from their tough warrior collection shown in September. It still retained what is fast becoming a Rodarte signature – embroidered ethereal beauty, cobweb knits and sumptuous delicacy – but with a much softer aesthetic. The patchwork collection was inspired by the idea of sleepwalking, and consisted of vintage lace and floral chiffons twisted and draped, crochet and velvet, layers and trailing fabrics. Absolutely beautiful. 

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