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Can I just skip it and stay 23?

3 Jan

Shushhh….come closer and I’ll tell you a secret. Ready? It’s my 24th birthday on Tuesday. The big 2-4. I’m not celebrating this year though. To cut a long story short, my mum had a pretty major operation on 30th December and is still in intensive care, so I don’t really think it’s appropriate to celebrate. So my day will consist of opening some presents and cards from family, going to work, eating cake and going to the hospital. I always spend my actual birthday day with my mum and this year is going to be no different.

However…if any birthday fairies are out there reading this, I will feign surprise if any of the following end up in my possession:

Maison Martin Margiela – Silver Hospital Band Bracelet – £145.00

Alexander McQueen – Pink Skull Scarf – £135

Dune – Kaila Boots – £108

Oasis – Fringed Leather Hobo Bag – £68.52

William Sharp – Swarovski Embellished Earmuffs – £65.10

Tom Binns – Neon Stone Cuff – £370.30

Gossip Girl Season 1 – £15

Bobbi Brown – Velvet Plum Eye Palette – £31.32

ToyWatch – about £145

If I were celebrating, I would probably be getting very drunk in a hot club in London town in the following dress. Am thinking of excuses to buy the dress despite the fact I have no plans…


Count your blessings, cut your losses…Happy New Year!

1 Jan
I hope you gorgeous fashionistas had a fabulous NYE wherever you ended up celebrating. The below pictures are of Sydney, London, Edinburgh and Naples, I’m a sucker for fireworks. As the new year approaches, many people choose to reflect on the past year and weigh up the good and bad. This year, I’ve been working on counting my blessings and being grateful for what I have, life isn’t about regrets or what if’s. The past year, and particularly the last week, have been tougher than I could have imagined. But I, like you, have made it through and I think we should all be grateful for having the strength to battle through the hard times and adversity’s we’ve faced. Here’s to a bigger, better year full of endless possibilities =)

new years eve NYE 2008 2009
There have been very few outfit pictures of late, I’m getting increasingly frustrated with my camera which takes approximately 4 pictures per battery! But, I’ve found a newer, smaller, better and prettier one which shall be purchased very soon. I did manage to snap a couple of pictures of what I wore today though. The cardigan is incredibly cosy but the fur gets on everything. You do not want to see what it did to my car seats! Oh and I’m loving the zip detail on the back of my new sale leggings. They were supposed to be petite, petite my ass…I’m 5ft7 and they fit me perfectly!

Fluffy cardigan tshirt dress and leggingszip leggings

Cardigan – Monsoon
Tshirt dress – Primark
Leggings – ASOS
Belt – Vintage

Oh and this is what I’ve been busy doing since Boxing Day 😉 Beaucoup de outfit posts come with the new camera. Best buy so far is an amazingly soft black leather jacket. I know it’s wrong to love an item of clothing but I don’t care it’s beautiful!

sales shopping* Source BBC

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas…

26 Dec
I hope you beautiful, fabulous fashionistas had an awesome Christmas. I’m a sucker for Christmas and it was a great day. The alcohol flowed, much food was eaten and of course gifts exchanged. Very brief Christmas post and pics as my mind is on shopping, I hope you found my sales guide useful! I’ll be posting very soon on what I managed to snag in the sales.

The secret santa gifts

A Year in High Heels by Camilla Morton
Hello Kitty Notebook

The rest of the gifts

Marks & Spencer Victoriana boots
Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume
Framed picture from my Aston Martin driving experience (I’m a petrol head!)
Marks & Spencer silver beaded bag
M&S ornate bag
M&S purple bag
Belle & Mimi shoes (bought by me, paid for by dad!)
Home Alone box set
Batman Begins & The Dark Knight box set
Mini leather make up pouch with brushes
Scarlet lipstick
Winnie the Pooh pyjamas

My favourite gifts

As above, plus Jemma Kidd make up brush set. Forgot to include it in the previous pic!

Shop the Sales for Spring ’09

25 Dec

Whilst my family finish off Christmas lunch and head towards the living room to catch some Wallace & Gromit and a quick kip, my mind’s on other things. Namely the fabulous Boxing Day Sales. I know a lot of sales have already started (Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Gap, H&M, All Saints, Faith and Warehouse to name but a few), my sales shopping can’t really start until Boxing Day. It’s like a tradition, whilst most people are having a lie in and thankful that Christmas is over, I’m up bright and early to grab the cut priced bargains.

But you’re never really snagging a bargain if you wouldn’t have normally bought it anyway or it doesn’t fit right. I’m not encouraging you to go down the boring route though! Magazines are always telling us to buy basics rather than ‘trend items’ as they are classic items. But I suggest looking forward to the key trends for Spring ’09 and snapping them up now! So, behold, Fashion Daydreams Guide for Shopping the Sales for Spring ’09!
Colours and Prints

Leave behind the African tribal prints of Spring 08 in favour of the new season prints. Florals of course will still be about, but it’s now all about super oversize prints and pretty watercolour florals. Fall’s tartan will be replaced by checks and stripes in the coming months. Colour-wise, prepare to see the back of black. Strong brights will be one of the key trends, think lime greens and sky blues. Neutrals will also be big, to balance out the bold colours – dove grey, cream, white. Softer colours will be making an appearance, so be ready for cornflower blue and soft lilacs.
The new silhouette
Think long & lean and sleek & sophisticated. Slim silhouettes will prevail, skinny crops and cigarette pants. Controlled volume is also a hot choice for Spring, in the light airy fabrics which will explode next spring. Fabric-wise, think Jil Sander Spring ’08.

Shiny, shiny magpie fabrics
Sequins and shiny, wet-look fabrics are still going to be in…so snap up those cut price leggings! High-tech plastic-y fabrics and metallic fabrics are also a safe bet.


These have been around for a while, though I have been hard pressed to find a jumpsuit that I’ve liked enough to purchase. The good thing about something that’s already been around is that there will be a lot more wearable styles the second time around, from cute casual rompers to hot little after hours jumpsuits. Just chuck on a belt and some statement jewellery and you’ll be good to go!

Harem Pants

Those two words tend to send a make even a hardy fashionista contemplate a safer alternative, but rest assured they will be everywhere come Spring. During my visit to Barcelona, all the chic Spanish women were sporting theirs with flat gladiator sandals and vest tops in muted colours. That’s a cute option for a relaxed summer look, but I think they would work just as well for work (killer heels, smart top and a fitted sleeveless jacket) or even on a night out (again killer heels with a cropped top). The key to pulling them off is to keep everything else simple and let the trousers speak for themselves.


Good news for you blazer lovers, they will still be perfectly acceptable. For those who are a little bored of the same old blazer trend which has been going strong for a few years now, invest in a sleeveless little number to keep it fresh. Just layer it with a jumper or elbow length gloves til it warms up!

Of course this is just my interpretation of the Spring 09 trends. There’s an awesome post on TFS which you must read for an in depth and varied breakdown. There’s no need to be a total slave to fashion of course, it’s always a good time to plug the gaps in your wardrobe. I’ll be shopping for tops in all colours and sizes (been a dress-fiend for too long), flat biker boots and also a leather jacket.
* Source GirlDir, GirlaWhirl, Asos, New Look

Shopaholic’s Retail Therapy!

12 Dec

Christmas has officially made me flip…I’ve gone shopping mad. Bought yet another dress for the party and two more pairs of absolutely stunning shoes! Still in a dilemma about the dress, had a wee argument with one of the managers about our Christmas Do being so formal and dressed up. Anywhoo, I do love the Dorothy Perkins dress, I do. But I’m just not convinced on the fit of it…..

blue dorothy perkins dress

Dress – Dorothy Perkins
Shoes – Primarni

So I bought this dress! Which fits a lot better, and has straps so I’ll feel more secure when making shapes on the dance floor. I feel a bit Beyonce in it, pre-fashionista era. What’s up with her wearing skin tight PVC jumpsuits and Gareth Pugh these days? She should just stick to being a glamazon, suits her better.

blue lipsy dress

Dress – Lipsy
Shoes – Primarni

So anyway, enough about B. I was on a real roll with the shopping thus far and thought it would be foolish to stop. I mean sure it’s the season for giving and all, but…if you don’t love yourself who will?! So I think I deserved a treat….or 5 ;o)

black court shoes purple rose

stud shoes rodarte black

Shoes – Barratts

Fashion Magpie

11 Dec
Ok I confess, I love shiny things. Ever since I was little I was automatically drawn to things which glisten and glint. It’s like a compulsion. The only thing worse than shiny things are shiny shoes, there’s no helping me if there’s a shiny shoe in sight. So really, purchasing two shoes when I should have been shopping for presents isn’t my fault you see….

broze courts sequin vintage shoes

Shoes (both) – Primarni

UO Spandex Leggings

8 Nov

OK, so you know when something catches your eye, then you keep on thinking about said item and suddenly it dawns on you…THIS is the piece that will complete your wardrobe and you were a stupid fool to have waited til now to purchase it? Well I’m totally going through that with spandex leggings. I was ridiculously early to meet friends in London so I slauntered over to Urban Outfitters, and just *had* to try them on. And I’m convinced that they will go with anything: cool band tee, check! soft slouchy cardigan, check! The only downside is they take forever to squeeze into, picture me sitting on a dusty fitting room floor pulling, tugging and cursing! But once they’re on, it’s worth it 🙂

* Source UO