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Zac Posen Pre-Fall 2012

23 Dec

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, but pretty stressful to say the least. Well congratulations, we’ve made it to Christmas Eve eve which means we’re at the home stretch. I figured something beautiful and serene would be much appreciated so here’s Zac Posen’s stunning pre-fall 2012 collection. The sharp silhouettes, the decadent volume, strokable textures; take a break, put your feet up and drink in the beauty. 


Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2012

15 Dec
I have to admit, I love a Michael Kors bag. A friend has a theory that there is a label who’s handbags appeal to you, hers is Stella McCartney and mine is Michael Kors. I do love the clothing collections too but just not as much as the bags, but this is all set to change after I caught a glimpse of the pre-Fall collection. Strikingly different to spring/summer’s “Afriluxe” collection, Mr Kors is heavily inspired by Americana and the Southwest. The Calvin Klein-esque clean lines and slightly masculine feel is interspersed with a handful of feminine looks such as the flouncy dipped hem dresses in bold shades. The equestrian detailed accessories really tie the collection together.