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Introducing Kyle Hopkins

6 Oct

readers of this little blog will know that I appreciate a nice piece of
jewellery, especially big, statement pieces with a bit of an edge. My Joomi Lim
spike bracelet is practically super glued onto my arm and I have a number of
knuckleduster rings which always draw admiring glances. It’s fairly difficult
to describe the sort of aesthetic I like in pieces, I don’t think there’s one
overarching theme or word to describe the style but think Pamela Love,  Anton Heunis, TomTom, Dominic Jones and
Eastern Mystic. Finding a new designer to add to my niche list is pretty hard
work but I think I’ve discovered my latest jewellery lust label – Kyle Hopkins.

a quick whistle-stop tour of the exhibitions at London Fashion Week, my inner fashion
magpie spotted some interesting jewels glinting in yonder distance. Mesmerised,
I walked straight past several stands to investigate. Kyle’s collection was
made up of 5-6 mini collections which are breathtaking statement pieces but
begin as a concept rather than the design. Heavily inspired by the books Kyle
is reading, the collections have various influences but are equally eyecatching.
His bones collection is an exploration into fashion tribes, urban dystopia and
cultural diffusion, the botanical collection is inspired by Derrida and the
concept of idealised beauty and even the Fibonacci sequence is referenced. Proving
that style and substance can go hand in hand, his collections provoke thought
and pose questions whilst making a design statement.

You can purchase limited pieces from his collection on Bengt


Pamela Love for Topshop – May 2011

28 Apr

I’m a huge, huge Pamela Love fan and got crazy excited when I heard whisperings that she was collaborating with Topshop on an affordable range. It’s been over 6 months since she sat front row at the Topshop Unique show and images of her collaboration have appeared online and I have to say…I’m actually disappointed. The pieces are very unique, distinctive and gorgeous in their own right but I expected a lot more from Pamela. The dark, gothic influences are very evident in her main line, with spikes, crow skulls, daggars and talons being regular features in her work. I expected this theme to evident in this collection, but she has gone in a lighter, more feminine direction. Clearly influences by Native Americana as well as India and Africa, with dreamcatchers, tribal and aztec influences, it’s a pretty collection but I wanted more from the CFDA nominated designer.

Prices start from £50 and the collection is available from 19th May. 

Pamela Love Autumn/Winter 2009

23 May

With fashion constantly looking forward, you know a collection is special when you continue to covet it a couple of seasons on. I still find myself wanting pieces of Pamela Love’s last jewellery collection. I love the grungy, slightly sinister vibe. The Bird’s Claw cuff in particular is quite dark and macabre, for some reason it makes me think of Tim Burton movies, Sleepy Hollow in particular. Pamela has also created a version of one of her necklaces for one of my favourite shows – True Blood.

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection: