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Sheer skirt obsession

30 Aug

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with sheer skirts. I know some of you may think a sheer skirt is a bit silly and impractical, but bear with me. They have already made the transition from catwalk to celeb – Dior and Jens Laugesen put them on the catwalk seasons ago and the Olsens are loving them. Now, the likes of Topshop are starting to embrace sheer skirts in a much more wearable way than couture shows or red carpet events will allow. Not so scary, right? I don’t think the Topshop ones are in store yet, so I may have to attempt making one. I may just figure out what to wear with it by the time I get around to making it! 

* Source True Queen, Huffington post, Style Eyes, Topshop


Hayden P rocking Elizabeth & James

9 Aug

Hollywood starlets are always under the spotlight for the style, or lack of. We’ve all made terrible, and sometimes hideous, wardrobe choices but thankfully without the glare of the media. I’ve always thought of Hayden Panettiere as ‘the pretty girl with the impossible surname’ until I saw this pic of her in this Elizabeth & James bell sleeved dress. Such a gorgeous outfit, love it with the boots and purple clutch! Her style stock is most definitely on the rise!

* Source MKAshley

Fashion Fix

5 Jan

The first Fashion Fix for 2009! Exciting times, non? I saved the best tidbit last, as you know I do love finishing the Fashion Fix with a little Karl Lagerfeld!

Gisele and Kate sizzle for Versace

Best campaign for Spring 09! Better than Kate and Sasha P for Lanvin. The gorgeous Gisele and Kate are absolutely stunning in the Versace adverts. Seems like designers really are turning to models this season, rather than celebrities. Very much in favour in using models over celebrities.

Austerity rules

You can tell that the fashion industry is facing tough times when even Chanel campaigns have a certain austere flavour to them. First seen in the bare apartment backgrounds for the Chanel AW 09 campaign with Claudia Schiffer, the Resort 09 adverts with Heidi Mount carry on the same vibe.

Amy for Fred Perry?

One of the major rumours doing the rounds over the last couple of days is an Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry collaboration. Most people are rubbishing the rumours…but I can kinda see it. Remember when Amy was rockin those often blood soaked ballerina slippers? Her default shoes for her default daywear – teeny tiny shorts and a polo tee.

More Bill Blass Dramas

Ok so last week I wrote that Peacock Holdings had bought Bill Blass for $10million and the couture line would be up and running in about 9 months….well it’s not looking likely. It turns out that they only bought the name, not the company. Completely different factories, people and designers will produce the next Bill Blass products, whatever they may be.

A Little bit of Ashley

Here are some choice extracts of an interview with Ashley Olsen. I *heart* The Olsens!!

Q. When was it that you really started paying attention to designers?
A. I went to my first fashion week when I was 17. I think I went to Calvin Klein, and Oscar de la Renta, and I was completely blown away.

Q. Do you see yourselves staying focused on fashion, do you think you want to go back to acting, or combine the two?
A. I like building brands, so for me it’s building the brands that my sister and I are working on, which are Elizabeth and James, and the Row. Once I have more time, then I’ll start looking at what else I’d like to do. There’s obviously a lot of things I want to do, study, and continue learning about. But right now this is something that I think I can really focus on. I don’t have time to be stepping away to work on a movie.

Q. Do you find that it’s sometimes detrimental to your fashion career that you’re an Olsen twin?
A. It opened a lot of doors in the beginning, because people are curious, so that helped. But automatically people will write what they want to write. It was hard at first. When we started the Row I said, ‘I don’t want anyone to know I’m behind it,’ but you can’t lie to the people you’re selling to.

Q. How involved are you in the line? Are the two of you sketching and designing?
A. We have a very small team, so we’re as involved as anyone can get. We’re working on it every day.

Q. Are the two of you equally invested in it?
A. It’s up and down. It depends on our schedules, it depends on what we’re focusing on at the moment. Lately I’ve been a little more involved in the Row based on our schedules.

Q. Were you surprised at the access you had to designers like Karl Lagerfeld for your book, “Influence”?
A. I wasn’t quite sure who was going to respond, but basically everyone we reached out to wanted to be involved. For us, it was amazing. The book actually changed over time; we went through several different concepts. In the end everyone got their own section.

Galliano to Receive the French Legion of Honours

2009 is going to be stellar for John Galliano if the first 5 days are anything to go by. The Dior Couture designer, who also has his own line, is to receive the prestigious French award, previously awarded to Yves Saint Laurent and Azzedine Alaia.

Cheryl Cole is the Latest Photoshop Victim

One of my pet hates is celebrities/models being Photoshopped to within an inch of their lives. I can perhaps understand making skin look more even toned reducing eye bags etc. There is, after all, an element of fantasy involved in magazine reading (can I afford the clothes in Vogue? No).But jeez, Cheryl looks nothing like she normally does, I wouldn’t even have guessed it was her to be honest. Is it just me?

And now for Lagerfeld!

On his rings: “Today I counted 19. Sometimes I go up to 23. I have only 10 fingers like everybody else, hm?”

On his work: “I do everything…I have a very special way of working – I’m quite a good sketcher so I see a thing, I make a sketch, the people who are used to work with me they can exactly work nearly without questions after that, from the sketch.

“I see fittings and I change very little because: I put something on the paper, I think about it.

“I am not a second option person. It is that or nothing. If it is not the way I see it I prefer not to see it. It’s a very bossy way perhaps, but it works like this. It became a huge business like this so for me it’s OK.

“I do everything. I do the collections, I do the advertising, I do the windows, the concepts. I do the sets of the show – if not, I’m not interested.”

On the economic downturn: I see it like a cleaning up – it was too rotten anyway – so it had to be cleaned up…I see it like a healthy thing – horrible but healthy, like some miracle treatment of the world.”

On coveting designer goods: “If you have no dreams, or if you don’t try to improve real life of everybody, people would ask why they get up in the morning. People have different kinds of dreams. After all, people need a handbag, there are cheaper handbags. But if you can buy a beautiful one and if that’s your dream to buy, why not?”

On fur: “As long as you wear leather and eat meat, don’t discuss that. In a meat-eating world, wearing leather for shoes and even clothes and handbags, the discussion of fur is childish.”

The last word: “It’s great to see things you may not buy – because you don’t have the money – but it is very ugly to think they shouldn’t exist because you can not buy them.”

Uncle Karl’s Influence

24 Oct

I’m guessing my readers all love fashion, that’s a no brainer. I’m hoping that like me, you also love Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and cannot wait for their book Influence to come out. The Cut got an advanced copy….yippee! Here’s a couple of extracts of their interview with Karl Lagerfeld.

Where we see cupcakes, Karl sees plastic.

AO: What do you do now to stay in shape?
KL: Nothing … I have a doctor who I made a book with that sold five million copies all over the world. Every country bought one, I think, in Russia and Italy and everywhere. But I don’t get it — I don’t know what Japan is going to do with a European diet book … Since I started my diet, which was like eight years ago, I haven’t touched what I’m not supposed to: sugar, cheese, nothing! I don’t even look at it. It looks to me like plastic.

He hates tall, chatty models.

KL: [N]owadays you start to model because you’re young. Now the girls are sixteen, seventeen, fifteen, and Russian. They are like from another planetAO: They can look very bizarre!KL: I hate all these tall women. They are all giants!
MKO: If only I were a little taller — that would make me happy!
KL: You are one meter fifty-one. You are taller than that?
AO: We’re five feet and one inch.
KL: Oh, I thought my office told me that you were four-foot eight or something. Not that it matters. What you need is a face. If you have a face you don’t need height or a voice. Models know this; that’s why the good ones don’t need to talk much.

And he hates working with male models.

KL: I like to work with models for a long time. Sometimes the girls change, but some girls I work with for years and years. With male models it is different. I hate working with male models.
AO: Ah, well boys come and go!
KL: And I hate doing castings and things like this. “oh no you’re not right” — that’s horrible to say to someone. I never do castings. Other people do them, and then I see the result of the casting. It’s humiliating for the models.

Nor does he like to hear a man’s opinion.

KL: I don’t have people I don’t like around me ever.
MKO: You don’t have to.
KL: …I don’t work with many men. I don’t want to ask the men about the fashion. Their opinion doesn’t interest me.

He gives the girls family-planning advice!

KL: I like more classic [shapes] now. Best thing to do for skinny people to wear tight dresses. Although jeans are becoming too tight.
AO: Ah! Yes, it’s becoming a problem. It’s the worst.
KL: You can kill yourself in these jeans.
MKO: Ha, I’d rather stay inside with my friends than limp out in tight trousers.
KL: Maybe you’ll stay inside with a baby. Do you want to get married? Children? Two perfect mums, yes?
[Mary-Kate and Ashley look at each other]
KL: Ah! Don’t worry, you have time. You’re young. Don’t you want to get married?
MKO: I don’t feel the need to get married. But Ashley wants children. I’ll be a great aunt or godmother.
AO: To my child.
KL: [To Ashley] Are you planning?
AO: No. I don’t even have a boyfriend. You have to plan that first, right? Figure that out first?
KL: If you get a boyfriend it doesn’t mean that! Today you can have a baby first. If you want. I never liked the idea of a family at all. If it’s a woman — it’s more fun for a woman.

Are you guys as excited as me? Of course I love how the girls dress and can’t wait to see the pictures. I really want to read the rest of the Karl Lagerfeld interview, I like his subtle humour and to me, this was like peeking into the mind of a genius.

* Source The Cut,