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20 Apr

Anyone who knows me or has seen me knows I love piling on jewellery. I usually wear a few bracelets and cuffs and I’ve been known to wear a couple of necklaces layered up but rings are my real ‘thing’. My jewellery box is overflowing with them at the moment and I tend to pile them all on at once! I once counted 16 rings, which may seem like a lot but I’m not quite at the same level at Karl Lagerfeld, who was quoted as saying: “Today I counted 19. Sometimes I go up to 23. I have only 10 fingers like everybody else, hm?”

I don’t just like any old ring though, I’m pretty fussy but once I find one I like I’ll wear it to death. My current favourite is my YSL Arty, believe me when I say I went through a lot to get this (Twitter followers had a blow-by-blow account!) but it was well worth the hassle. 

Next on my wish list are a couple of rings from New York jeweller Made Her Think. The rings themselves are fairly simple which makes them ideal for layering up. But they are quirky enough to be worn on their own. I also love jewellery which is slightly gothic, my rosary necklace has been worn to death! I would describe Made Her Think as gothic, but a soft gothic and the pieces have a ‘tough’ feel to them. 

Spine Ring – $416

Chain ring glove – $575

Pearl Knuckle Buster – $196

Vertebrae Knuckle Buster – $276

Double Band Chain Ring – $370

Talon Knuckle Buster – $110

Gemini Goes Both Ways – $550

Skyling Ring – $92

* Source Made Her Think