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Exposure PR AW11 press day

6 Apr
Pressing on with the press day coverage, I popped over to Exposure’s gorgeous offices to have a quick sneak peek into what we have to look forward to from their clients this Autumn/Winter. What I like about Exposure is that they have a mix of clients from the likes of Basso & Brooke down to more high-street brands such as Biba and Pretty Polly. I’ve just picked a very brief selection of their extensive client list to write about.

I’m not a huge welly fan I must admit, mostly because I don’t have an actual need for them. If I were to head to a festival though, I’d definitely invest in some Hunters…and a private VIP pod-style accommodation with an actual working shower. Thanks to the likes of Kate Moss, the popularity of Hunters has exploded in recent years and they have become the welly-of-choice. Next season, they’re changing the conception of the common welly, coming in a range of lustworthy colours and very twee tweed version. 

I didn’t actually know that Exposure represented ToyWatch, new client? I adore ToyWatch and have written about them quite a few times. Coming from a girl who has refused to wear watches for the last 10 years, that’s high praise indeed. For those of you not familiar with these covetable pieces of arm candy, I believe they actually started off life as a cheaper alternative for the jetset, I mean who wants to take a priceless Rolex on a skiing or jetskiing holiday? As you can tell from the gorgeous designs below, they became a bit of a cult hit themselves. My only problem has been trying to decide which colour to go for. Next season sees their signature brights going fluorescent. For the shrinking violets out there, you can opt for the subtle, sleek black with their signature colours making eye-catching accent. 

Doc Martins always hold a special place in my heart. I’m old enough to remember wearing them ‘the first time around’, oh the joys of being an 80s baby. I remember begging my mum for the ankle boot version while the other girls wanted the boring flat version. DMs are anything but boring these days, with knee high, floral, bright, opalescent and heel versions available. 

Last up on this whistle-stop tour we have the denim powerhouse that is Levis. I must admit, I usually only pay attention to their jeans but having seen the details and textures, I’ve fallen in love with their distressed belts, soft cottons and cosy knits too. I’m not sure if the dungarees are men’s or women’s, but they are just crying out to be rolled up and paired with a pair of killer heels and a fitted vest. 


Levi’s Shape What’s To Come initiative

21 Oct

Last week the lovely folks over at Levi’s invited me to the launch party for their new global initiative – Shape What’s To Come. In a nutshell, this initiative aims to give a platform to young, entrepreneurial women to share common interests and seek support from like-minded women. I really like the concept, career-wise and even blog-wise it’s sometimes really hard to know what to do next so this community for guidance and direction sounds fab. It’s not just a fashion or blogging this either, though one of the mentors is Kristin Knox of The Clothes Whisperer, there are mentors across music, media, social change and everything in between. 

On the night, there was a panel discussion chaired by Annie Mac with 6 ambassadors from different backgrounds. It was really inspirational hearing their stories from how they’ve achieved their dreams. Here is a run down of the ambassadors:
– Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham set up design agency Patternity which specialises in pattern design in furniture and fashion. The girls really just needed a creative outlet to showcase all of their ideas and they knew they had to go out on a limb. 

Justice Williams
– Social change campaigner and the youngest black woman in the UK to be awarded with an MBE. She got into social change because she wanted a reason to get out of bed, she knew there was more to life than waking up, going to work for someone else and coming back home. She found that helping others has boosted her own confidence and self belief. 

Kristin Knox
– Founder of The Clothes Whisperer and author of Alexander McQueen: Genius of a generation. Going from being an academic to a fashion blogger, her biggest piece of advise was not to box yourself in, if you’re not 100% sure what you want to do, put yourself out there. Kirstin shared her experiences of blogging, in particular the difficulties of essentially being a one person publishing house. She also touched on the difficulty of turning a blog into a business, as there’s no business model for this yet. Also, businesses don’t realise the monetary value of blogging and bloggers which is a huge challenge, there’s a lot of education to be done. 

– Acclaimed DJ and songwriter who rose to fame via the internet. She knew music was her passion from early on and left uni to pursue her dream. She advised ‘follow your heart’ and highlighted the importance to have ambition and a dream. 

Kathryn Ferguson
– Self taught filmmaker who’s been featured in Vogue.She spoke about her initial struggle and how amazing it is to make a living out of her passion. 

The website is now live – Levi’s Shape What’s to Come.