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Introducing Kyle Hopkins

6 Oct

readers of this little blog will know that I appreciate a nice piece of
jewellery, especially big, statement pieces with a bit of an edge. My Joomi Lim
spike bracelet is practically super glued onto my arm and I have a number of
knuckleduster rings which always draw admiring glances. It’s fairly difficult
to describe the sort of aesthetic I like in pieces, I don’t think there’s one
overarching theme or word to describe the style but think Pamela Love,  Anton Heunis, TomTom, Dominic Jones and
Eastern Mystic. Finding a new designer to add to my niche list is pretty hard
work but I think I’ve discovered my latest jewellery lust label – Kyle Hopkins.

a quick whistle-stop tour of the exhibitions at London Fashion Week, my inner fashion
magpie spotted some interesting jewels glinting in yonder distance. Mesmerised,
I walked straight past several stands to investigate. Kyle’s collection was
made up of 5-6 mini collections which are breathtaking statement pieces but
begin as a concept rather than the design. Heavily inspired by the books Kyle
is reading, the collections have various influences but are equally eyecatching.
His bones collection is an exploration into fashion tribes, urban dystopia and
cultural diffusion, the botanical collection is inspired by Derrida and the
concept of idealised beauty and even the Fibonacci sequence is referenced. Proving
that style and substance can go hand in hand, his collections provoke thought
and pose questions whilst making a design statement.

You can purchase limited pieces from his collection on Bengt


Jersey Pearl’s Fiore Della Notte collection

27 Sep

Settling down for afternoon tea at sublimely decadent The Dorchester was the perfect setting for checking out the stunning new collection from Jersey Pearl. Established 25 years ago, the family run business is one of the UK’s leading pearl jewellery specialists. More than just beautiful, timeless pearls, Jersey Pearl have developed close relationships with their pearl farmers to offer CarbonNeutral pearls by offsetting the carbon footprint of pearl farming through renewable energy projects.

The Fiore Della Notte collection is a collaboration with ethical jewellery designer Annaloucha, using recycled 18ct blackened gold from Hoover & Strong, CarbonNeutral Akoya pearls and fairly mined Tanzanian rubies which were sourced by Ruby Fair. The collection is super exclusive and limited edition, each piece is made on request and engraved with it’s own serial number so you can be sure you’re one of a select few with that piece. 

A right royal jewellery collection

22 Aug
One of the brands which never fails to catch my eye at the fabulous Push PR press days is Regal Rose. Their collections are heavily inspired by current fashion and street style, it’s no wonder their pieces are real conversation starters. Twins Rebecca and Louisa Warwick have a knack for capturing the mode du jour of style blogs, where each piece is visually interesting. Whether you’re a Woodstock Hippy, Green Goddess or Rock Chick, they have a collection full to the brim with covetable pieces. I love the bold turquoise stones and feathery dreamcatcher details of the hippy collection, the gilt golden pieces in the Greek collection and pretty much everything in the Rock Chick collection. As regular readers will know, I have a thing for quirky jewellery, knuckledusters and crucifixes. Luckily, the price points are low enough so you don’t have to choose your favourite piece…

QVC Jewellery Event

30 Jun
Last week, I popped along to the cute and quirky Soho Hotel to meet up with QVC’s jewellery buyers and two of the hottest new designers on their impressive roaster – Lauren Adriana and Ana De Costa. Lauren is a qualified gemmologist and explained that she works with precious stones to create really special pieces for one collection a year, similar to Ana who also has one collection a year and creates bespoke pieces in silver. Partnering with QVC allows them to create larger diffusion collections and reach a larger audience, while retaining their design integrity and aesthetic.

As an absolute jewellery addict, I was in my element checking out pieces from both of these talented ladies as well as Tomasz Donocik and SHO who also have collections with QVC. I think Lauren’s big, bold 70s inspired collection was probably my favourite , unfortunately it didn’t photograph very well in the lighting. Ana’s collection was very light and girly while Tomasz’s collection was clearly inspired by architecture and surrealism, making for some very distinctive designs. 

Tomasz Donocik

NODH at Howkapow

11 May

I stumbled upon new online store Howkapow about a month ago and have been selfishly keeping it secret from you. Sorry, I’m going to learn how to share my toys now. I still find it difficult to find places to shop which offer unique pieces that won’t be seen on every fourth person I pass on the street (Hello Topshop) or don’t cost the GDP of a small country. This is where Howkapow is becoming a little saviour. Launched in December 2010 by husband and wife team Rog and Cat How, the website showcases and supports emerging designers in a regularly changing collection featuring everything from gifts to accessories and jewellery. It was while on one of my numerous browsing sessions that I discovered hot jewellery brand NOHD. I know absolutely nothing about them except they incorporate maces and grenades in their jewellery. Cool. 

NODH mace earrings – £85.50

H.Stern by Oscar Niemeyer jewels

16 Feb

It doesn’t sound like the most obvious of partnerships but the H.Stern collaboration with Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer really works. As one of the most influential names in international modern architecture, he has created many iconic buildings across the world from Brazil to New York. His passion for curves is evident in his designs and their beauty and grace really lend themselves well to the pieces in the collection. The collection was based on Niemeyer’s sketches with several pieces being inspired by the female form. The collection is composed of six different lines and named after some of his famous works and projects. 

“It’s not the right angle that attracts me,

nor is the straight line, hard, inflexible,
created by man.

What attracts me is the free and sensual curve,
the curve I find in my country’s mountains,
in the sinuous course of its rivers,
in the ocean waves, in a woman’s body.

The whole universe is made of curves,

the curved universe of Einstein.”
Oscar Niemeyer

Ayaka Nishi SS11

30 Nov

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon Ayaka Nishi. I’m a total jewellery addict but also slightly into the macabre (obscure foreign horror movie, anyone?) and unfortunately it’s not very often that those two mix. Of course, I know and love Pamela Love’s collection but aside from her collections there isn’t much else out there til I stumbled on Ayaka’s gorgeous collection. The collection is inspired by nature and features spider-web necklaces, insect-wing brooches and fish scale rings. Ayaka grew up in Kagoshima, a Japanese province with a volcano, woodlands, green hills, tea farms and a raging ocean. It’s clear to see how nature was a huge influence growing up. Her SS11 collection features pieces inspired by bone, coral, honeycomb, spider’s webs, fossils, fish scales, feathers, insect wings and sea urchins. My favourite pieces are the bone pieces, I need one of the rings or a cuff in my life! I’m really looking forward to seeing these concepts develop in future collections.