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Can I just skip it and stay 23?

3 Jan

Shushhh….come closer and I’ll tell you a secret. Ready? It’s my 24th birthday on Tuesday. The big 2-4. I’m not celebrating this year though. To cut a long story short, my mum had a pretty major operation on 30th December and is still in intensive care, so I don’t really think it’s appropriate to celebrate. So my day will consist of opening some presents and cards from family, going to work, eating cake and going to the hospital. I always spend my actual birthday day with my mum and this year is going to be no different.

However…if any birthday fairies are out there reading this, I will feign surprise if any of the following end up in my possession:

Maison Martin Margiela – Silver Hospital Band Bracelet – £145.00

Alexander McQueen – Pink Skull Scarf – £135

Dune – Kaila Boots – £108

Oasis – Fringed Leather Hobo Bag – £68.52

William Sharp – Swarovski Embellished Earmuffs – £65.10

Tom Binns – Neon Stone Cuff – £370.30

Gossip Girl Season 1 – £15

Bobbi Brown – Velvet Plum Eye Palette – £31.32

ToyWatch – about £145

If I were celebrating, I would probably be getting very drunk in a hot club in London town in the following dress. Am thinking of excuses to buy the dress despite the fact I have no plans…

Fashion Magpie

11 Dec
Ok I confess, I love shiny things. Ever since I was little I was automatically drawn to things which glisten and glint. It’s like a compulsion. The only thing worse than shiny things are shiny shoes, there’s no helping me if there’s a shiny shoe in sight. So really, purchasing two shoes when I should have been shopping for presents isn’t my fault you see….

broze courts sequin vintage shoes

Shoes (both) – Primarni

UO Spandex Leggings

8 Nov

OK, so you know when something catches your eye, then you keep on thinking about said item and suddenly it dawns on you…THIS is the piece that will complete your wardrobe and you were a stupid fool to have waited til now to purchase it? Well I’m totally going through that with spandex leggings. I was ridiculously early to meet friends in London so I slauntered over to Urban Outfitters, and just *had* to try them on. And I’m convinced that they will go with anything: cool band tee, check! soft slouchy cardigan, check! The only downside is they take forever to squeeze into, picture me sitting on a dusty fitting room floor pulling, tugging and cursing! But once they’re on, it’s worth it 🙂

* Source UO

Under where?

15 Aug

I’m feeling all inspired again 🙂 By underwear. I’m not talking about having your bra straps or thong on display (ewww). Think silk slips, sumptuous fabrics and eye-catching tights. Actually, I think it’s got something to do with the weather, oddly enough. Although I love the summer and the hot weather, I adore winter fashion. Layering, the colours, textures, snuggly fabrics. Oh and I can wear tights again without feeling like I’m suffocating!! Last winter, I was into lace tights, knee socks and brightly coloured tights. I reckon the new thing for tights will be ‘tattoo tights’, I’ve been coveting the amazing tights at Bebaroque for some time now…

On a similar underwear-y vein, I’ve also been coveting slips. I’ve been trying to hunt down a gorgeous vintage slip for some time but so far, the perfect slip has evaded me. There are loads of lovely ones on Etsy, but I need to try before I buy to make sure they aren’t too see through!! Not so hot for summer though, goosebumps aren’t the best accessory for gorgeous ethereal slips! I found some gorgeous ones on Your Slip is Showing which are crying out for layering. Imagine one of the feather slips with an oversize jumper, knitted hat, killer heels and perhaps some tattoo tights?!

And to make our little trilogy complete, a stunning picture oh Doutzen Kroes’ Victoria’s Secret campaign. She looks amazing, I think I love her…