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NODH at Howkapow

11 May

I stumbled upon new online store Howkapow about a month ago and have been selfishly keeping it secret from you. Sorry, I’m going to learn how to share my toys now. I still find it difficult to find places to shop which offer unique pieces that won’t be seen on every fourth person I pass on the street (Hello Topshop) or don’t cost the GDP of a small country. This is where Howkapow is becoming a little saviour. Launched in December 2010 by husband and wife team Rog and Cat How, the website showcases and supports emerging designers in a regularly changing collection featuring everything from gifts to accessories and jewellery. It was while on one of my numerous browsing sessions that I discovered hot jewellery brand NOHD. I know absolutely nothing about them except they incorporate maces and grenades in their jewellery. Cool. 

NODH mace earrings – £85.50