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Sarenza High Heel Race 2011

6 Dec
Phew….I’ve finally had a chance to recover from the weekend, and what a hectic weekend it was. As you may know, I was in Paris this weekend. What you may not know is that I was on a patriotic mission to represent the UK in Sarenza’s annual high heel race as part of the Fab Frocks on Foot team with fellow bloggers Tor from Fab Frocks and Amy from Wolf Whistle.
So what exactly is the Sarenza high heel race?? Well, Sarenza is a huge, huge shoe company in France and every year they hold an annual high heel relay race. If you’re lucky enough and quick enough to make it through the several heats, you will attend the grand final and be in with a chance of winning 3,000 of shoes! This year, 12 UK teams were battling 12 French teams, as you can imagine rivalry was high.  To build on the rivalry, teams from each country were given a fancy dress theme. The theme for the UK was ‘English Eccentrics’ so we went for Alice in Wonderland. I must have written about the book and film a thousand times and the Natalia Vioidanova editorial in Vogue is one of my favourites of all time, so it seemed like a no brainer. I decided to go as Alice, Tor dressed as the white rabbit, Amy went as the Mad Hatter and my plus one – the gorgeous Mariana from Sketchbook Mag – was our very own Cheshire Cat.

The event took place at the Piscine Molitor, as the name suggests it was an old swimming pool! We were told this was an incredibly cool location in Paris and I can understand why, it’s very industrial as pretty much everything is concrete but it’s covered in some amazing graffiti making it very contemporary and urban. The UK ladies didn’t really know what to expect but the French ladies took the competition extremely seriously – shoes were ducktaped on, warm ups were taking place and tactics were being discussed. There were so many journalists and press at the event, we soon realised that the high heel race actually makes national press in France! Before the anticipation starts building, we didn’t win. But I think we have a pretty good shot at the fancy dress prize which I think is more meaningful anyway?! I think we’re lucky to have gotten out of there relatively unscathed; there were lots of accidents including tumbles, falls and broken heels!

For the rest of the weekend we were free to do as we pleased so Mariana and I visited the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre. Thank you for a wonderful weekend, Sarenza! Huge thanks to Melissa and Camille from We Are Social for looking after us and making sure we were fed and watered.

Coat – vintage, shirt – H&M, leggings – eBay, boots – New Look, headband – H&M


28 Jan

I had an absolutely mental time, the best holiday..ever! Ok so it was subzero even in the daytime but snow is so gorgeous when you’re away and you don’t have to worry about work. The Intercontinental was lovely and I went to the spa everyday, the city is so beautiful. Spending time away with my parents and one of my best friends was amazing…but we bumped into a couple of lovely lads which made it even better. No more on that though, they know where I blog 😉 It’s a lovely city, if you get a chance you should definitely visit.

One of the best things, blogwise, is that my friend is amazing and will indulge me by being my photographer. This involves watching me goof around while snapping away. Love you!!!! x

We were amazed by the view, we had views of the Chain Bridge, so pretty at night when illuminated.

Dress – ASOS, Cardigan – H&M, Leggings – Ebay, Boots – New Look

Lace top – Topshop, Sequin skirt – River Island, Tights – Asos and River Island, Boots – New Look

We did sightsee! St Stephen’s Basilica, it took my breath away.

On the Chain Bridge at night.
Hat – M&S, Scarf – Tesco, Coat – Oasis, Dress – Miss Selfridge, Tights and over the knee socks – ?

Dress – Topshop, Leggings – Ebay, Boots –New Look
At the Hungarian National Museum

Dress – Republic, Cardigan – Topshop, Boots – Simple


20 Jan
I’m off to freezing Budapest today, late birthday holiday 😀 Lots of posting and pictures when I’m back.

What a Month….

21 Nov

It’s been a 5 weeks and 3 days since my last post…wowsers! I kinda left it on a depressing note, but thankfully things are a little brighter now. I have missed blogging terribly, I am so glad to be back, I have so many backdated posts which need putting up so excuse my tardiness! On the upside, I have a lot of outfit posts which have been missing from Fashion Daydreams for months. Here’s just a little bit of what’s happened in the last month:

The Boy – Despite all the rumours, love does not conquer all. All that pro-love propaganda that Disney has been churning out is lies! I know I sound very cynical, but I’m just realistic to my situation. If someone just continues to hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally, the only logical thing to do is walk away. It might hurt, but staying with them and being let down time and time again hurts a lot more. Love doesn’t fix the situation, it just blinds you and makes you paper over the cracks. I loved him very much and planned a life with him but I feel so much stronger without him now. I still have days where I miss him and want to call him, but not that often anymore. I smile a lot more now, being happy is more important to me than struggling to cope in a relationship that doesn’t work.

Work – Still stressful, 9-10 hour days are still the norm. I’ve been working on Christmas since September and cannot wait for it to be over, in a work sense. 34 days people…!I hope a little glimmer of my love for Christmas remains.

Home – Still trying to find a new abode. It’s not as easy as it sounds, the property market is picking up and it seems that 2 bedroom flats around London are selling like hotcakes! I’m more than ready to move, which makes me scared that I will just snap up the first place which is vaguely decent. But finding that is like finding a needle in a haystack. But rest assured, once I do find a place, my lovely blogger friends are more than welcome to sample my cooking….Kristabel I’m planning on cooking you pad thai!

The rest – Needless to say my immune system took a battering due to all this stress and I had a horrible 2 week flu…which I took with me on holiday! Egypt was beyond amazing, it was just what I needed and helped me sort a lot of things out in my head. I did everything – swam with dolphins, snorkeling, scuba diving, climbed Moses mountain (epic), quad biking, bet in a casino, camel rides, saw the pyramids…! Here are a couple of holiday snaps, showing a happier and more together me.