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H&M’s Conscious Collection

8 Feb

Sustainability and fashion haven’t always gone hand in hand, especially at the lower end of the high-street. In the past, retailers have almost justified using dodgy production practices by the lower price points as an excuse, I mean that £8 Primark dress could never be produced in a nice clean environment with workers working fair hours for a decent pay right?! It’s a vicious circle of consumers demanding more reasonably priced fashion and retailers resorting to increasingly unethical manufacturing practises to produce clothing as cheaply as possible. I’m not going to pretend that I’ve never shopped in Primark and that I only buy from ethical sources. But I am becoming more and more aware of where and how my clothing is bought, like most of you. Slowly, brands have began to wise up to that and grow a conscience. For example, Topshop have been using fairtrade and organic cotton for years now and brands like People Tree solely producing ethical clothing. 

Until now though, the lower end of the high-street has really struggled to keep up, especially maintaining their low price points whilst the price of raw cotton continues to rise. H&M’s new Conscious Collection is set to raise the bar for other retailers to re-evaluate their social conscience and show that you can create a green, environmentally friendly AND affordable range. The range caters for men, woman and kids with organic cotton, Tencel and recycled polyester in a white hot minimalist yet romantic collection featuring lace, broderie anglaise and draping. 

“It’s not just about organic cotton any more, the possibilities for creating a complete fashion statement with eco smarter materials are huge now. By designing recurring Conscious Collections we have the opportunity to show in a variety of ways what’s possible using more sustainable fabrics,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M Head of design. 


H&M x Swedish Hasbeens – Spring 2011

21 Jan
Love them or loathe them, you have to admit that clogs have crossed over from controversial trend to mainstream footwear option fairly successfully. Like many others, I was ‘anti clog’ when I first saw them on catwalks and when they eventually filtered onto the high-street. We’ve seen any and every permutation and hybrid possible, from summer slingback clogs to even winter boot clogs! The must-have cult brand for clog lovers is definitely Swedish Hasbeens. The brand has exploded over the last year and is now sold in over 22 countries, as their contemporary, sustainable take on clogs growing a cult status. I challenge any clog hater to visit the website without coveting at least one pair of their shoes.

At over £100 a pop, I’ve always thought they were a tad too expensive for something which will be relegated to the back of the wardrobe in 5 months time. So hallelujah for H&M who have decided to collaborate with their fellow Swedish brand on a small collection of 3 styles which will be available in 150 stores worldwide on 20th April. The first style is a gladiator-style wooden wedge heel with with three buckle ankle straps in cream and tan on a pale wooden wedge and black on black. The second style is a peep-toe wedge with a wooden sole and a snake effect leather laced top and finally there is a heeled sandal with one ankle strap which comes in cream and red on a pale wooden base. They will cost between £34.99 and £39.99 which is cheap as chips and sure to entice many of you to try clogs. Will I be buying? Hmm I’m still undecided the gladiators look nice but more than anything I’m glad that H&M are collaborating with a smaller label with less fanfare, hype and hysteria than previous collections *ahem* Lanvin *ahem*!

H&M & Lanvin collaboration – teaser

14 Oct

As some of you may know, my day job is on online marketing. I’m a pretty harsh critic of websites, social media strategies and online marketing campaigns, basically like Alan Sugar but I dress better! One campaign which has blown me away recently is the H&M x Lanvin one. They got the blogosphere and most of Twitter twitching about who the collaboration was going to be with, the videos were very smart and very witty, engaging the internet-savvy target audience from the get-go. When we found out it was Lanvin, pretty much the entire interweb imploded. It’s been quiet since…until this teaser video came out. Like the first videos, it’s very witty and renews interest until the collection is unveiled on Nov 2nd. The video stars Natasha Poly but the clothes are blurred out! This has got to be the best video campaign ever hands down, and it goes against the recent trend of ‘leaking’ images/videos/content to create a buzz. A backstage video, without even a glimpse of the clothing, how novel! What do you think of the video and the campaign?