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Lady Gaga for Harper’s Bazaar May 2011

17 Apr

When I first saw the cover for the May issue of US Harper’s Bazaar featuring Gaga shot by Terry Richardson, I was very underwhelmed, firstly because she is so overexposed and secondly because it was just ok. I was a bit surprised that Harpers had jumped on the Gaga bandwagon too. The cheek and shoulder prosthetics don’t really do it for me but I love, love the Versace dress. The image without all of the copy is a lot better. Thankfully, the editorial is a bit more promising. I love the McQueen mask and dress image and also the black Tex Saverio gown and the black Mugler outfit. To me, the piano and boob shots are gimmicky, shock images and I think Harpers shouldn’t have gone down such a predictable path. If fashion magazines are going to continue using Gaga, I’d like something more subtle, to see her stripped back. 

Kate Moss covers Harpers Bazaar

9 Apr

Is it just me or are Kate Moss covers always stunning? I don’t know what she does or how she does it, but the images are never just flat boring images, there seems to be more to them. Photographs are a little snapshot in time but her images make me want to know what happened before and after the moment. Her latest cover is for the May issue of UK Harpers Bazaar, both the subscriber and news-stand covers are exquisite. I think Vogue have a lot to learn from Harpers, they have really raised the bar with consistent ‘wow’ covers. Which version do you prefer?