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Gossip Girl season two!

1 Sep

It officially kicks off in the US today, no word yet on when it will be out in the UK yet though 😦 Thank god for the internet! I’m going to be absorbing these gorgeous pics and possibly watching it online til it finally decides to hit the UK. I can’t wait to see what they’re all rocking, are those Armand Bassi shoes on Little J’s feet?!

* Source CWTV

New model on the block..

3 Aug

…well actually two. First up is Taylor Momsen aka Little J in Gossip Girl. I wrote about Taylor getting signed by IMG a while ago, and now her test shots have surfaced on the website. Apparently she wants to head down the fashion route – Chanel and Miu Miu – rather than the normal 14 year old star campaigns such as Neutrogena.

Second up is gorgeous redhead Martha Streck…move over Karen Elson and Lily Cole. Martha only walked her first season in February, but she managed to nab Fendi, Christian Lacroix and John Galliano. She’s also landed the Fall 08 D&G campaign and is set to appear in i-D, Italian Flair and French Revue de Modes.

* Source The Cut

Haven’t you heard, I’m the crazy bitch around here…

24 Jul

The final episode of Gossip Girl just aired in the UK, finally! I’ve always been a fan of Serena, but Blair really came into her own in this episode. Serena was always a bit more likable, until now. And from a fashion point of view, there’s no competition B wins hands down – the hairbands, the socks and tights, the prim and properness of it all….flawless. All hail Queen B!

ps – Sporadic blogging over the next weekend, going AWOL again

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