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D&G on the highstreet

4 Nov
I’ve got to admit, I don’t usually pay much mind to the D&G collections, proper Dolce yes but not so much the younger, sportier diffusion line. This season however, I’m a huge fan. I loved the cosy Nordic knits, especially when juxtaposed with wisps of chiffon. 
Of course the high street pays close attention to these gorgeous trends and the alpine ski bunny look is easily achievable. There are tons of fairisle knits and chic takes on the classic Christmas jumper on the high street, finding a chiffon skirt was the difficult part. It was actually impossible, so I settled with this floral frill skirt from Topshop, almost better than the D&G one. 

Snowflake fairisle cardi – New Look
Floral frill skirt – Topshop Premium
Boyfriend belt – ASOS

Designer look-a-like – Mulberry Alexa

7 Jul

When I was shopping in Oasis yesterday, I had to double take when I spotted this gorgeous inky blue sachel, which is a dead ringer for the Mulberry Alexa. I know high-street copies are very popular, who can forget the hordes of padlocked Chloe Paddingtons look-a-likes which flooded the high-street years ago?! But I don’t think I could ever buy one. To me, they’re almost as bad as designer rip-offs that you find on holiday. They might look like the real thing, but the bottom line is it’s not. It’s a cheap imitation. If I had a Mulberry Alexa, I would treasure it and probably stroke it a lot. If I had a copy, I would probably look at it and think ‘you’re cute, pretty close to the real thing’re not’. This isn’t to say that buying a look-a-like bag is wrong, the industry expects the high-street to copy clothes and accessories, it’s just a personal choice. Would you buy a look-a-like bag?

Mulberry Alexa

Oasis Sasha Satchel