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Paris – New Years Eve 2009-2010

2 Jan
Happy new year, darlings!
I hope all of you had a fantastic NYE and saw in the new decade in style. I had an absolutely amazing New Year’s Eve in Paris, it was absolutely unforgettable! It was snowing, not really heavily, but how special is that?! The road trip was epic, over 500 miles in 2 days, but way worth it. This is the furthest I’ve roadtripped so I wasn’t sure what to wear but I knew comfort was paramount! I wore something similar to what I would wear on a flight, a comfy dress and leggings with thick socks. It’s an unbeatable travel combination!
Dress – Blue Inc
We decided to head to the Champs Elysees for midnight, it was like a massive street party the atmosphere was crazy! It’s by far the chicest way to see in the new year, and I thought it was very appropriate to be wearing new clothes from head to toe. It was so unbelievably cold though. I did wear a coat, but could have done with scarf, gloves and thermals!
Top – Topshop, Belt – Primark, Skirt – River Island, Boots – New Look
The next day, we took in the sites of Paris. For me, that meant heading to Chanel on Rue Cambon and then onto Colette while keeping an eye out for Karl Lagerfeld’s yellow Hummer!! I didn’t spot him, but there’s always next time 😉 After seeing Coco Before Chanel, I’ve been a bit obsessed by Chanel and I’ve been dying to see the Rue Cambon store. Unfortunately all the shops were closed but I took loads of pictures of the gorgeous window display.

Cape – ASOS



While we were in Paris, it was snowing very lightly. However, on the way to Calais, the snow started coming down pretty hard. So hard that we were in standstill traffic for what seemed like forever…well long enough to create a, well it’s not quite a snowman but that’s what I’ll call it!I That was the perfect end to my mini adventure, I hadn’t played in the snow for years!

Gap + Colette

25 Jun

Wow, Gap’s getting very serious about fashion. *Those* collaborations with Pierre Hardy were a huge success, now Gap’s got the next project underway. It’s very hush hush at the moment, but apparently Gap are working on a special project with Colette for Fashion Week! Yes, the same super-chic Parisian superstore which is home to everything from Carine Roitfeld designed charity tees to amazingly elegant headphones. This secret project will be a series of limited edition collaborations between Gap and major European designers. The sure to be mindblowing collaborations will hit stores on September 5th.

* Source Nylon