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Westfield car boot fair!

8 Sep
Since Westfield has opened, it’s pretty much changed the notion of shopping centres in Britain. The likes of Brent Cross and Lakeside look like ancient relics of yesteryear. It’s not just that it’s shiny new, it’s the architecture, the layout, the selection of stores and the food court. One of my colleagues hates shopping centres with a passion, but has an insane love for Westfield. She even has a song about it, I kid thee not! What I admire is that it’s run like a fashion business business rather than just a pile bricks and mortar, they have a lookbook online and regular events. 

Earlier in the week I found out that the latest event is a car boot fair, running from 21st-26th September! It’s extremely timely, quite a few bloggers have been having car boots and jumble sales recently – the most high profile being the one held by Susie Bubble and co a few weeks ago. The Westfield event is going to be a slightly more glamourous affair. The ‘sellers’ are stores such as Topshop, Oasis and House of Fraser and they’re not going to be flogging their wares from a clapped out Reliant Robin, they have shiny new Hyundais. I don’t want to whip you up into a frenzy, but according to the website there will be vintage Chanel, exclusive Wolfords, fashion shows, personal styling events and lots of deals to be had. Sounds exciting, will you be heading down?