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London Fashion Week – Bryce Aime Spring/Summer 2011

20 Sep

After attending last season’s Bryce Aime show, I was a fan. I saw amazing sculptural pieces. He’s known for his harsh silhouettes, huge spikes and quite frankly amazing pieces. Unsurprisingly, Rihanna is a fan. For next season he is inspired by the Far East, his Asiarama show took inspiration from Kabuki and Beijing Opera. The resulting collection was much softer and more muted than the previous, so much so that I was shocked! His structural tailoring has been replaced by soft origami folds of fabric and a modern take on traditional kimonos. Colours were very light with red and black thrown into the mix too, with very light fabrics, lots of jersey and chiffon. There were amazing looking print leggings and tights which I only just managed to catch a quick glimpse of, the venue was packed.

While his Autumn/Winter collection definitely had the wow factor, I left feeling blown away yet confused about who would buy it and where they would wear his pieces. I got a more wearable collection but it just doesn’t seem very ‘Bryce’ anymore.

Aqua Couture

7 Feb
While browsing the Asos website for a dress which fits the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fancy dress theme (more on that later), I discovered a brand I had not heard of previously – Aqua Couture. Normally, I despise a company which has ‘couture’ in the name, but I’m willing to overlook that. I love the shapes, the silhouette is very different and was reminiscent of the Bryce Aime Spring 2010 show, especially the black dress with the amazing shoulders! 

* Source ASOS

Exclusive Sneak Peek – Bryce Aime Spring/Summer 2010

25 Jan
I went to the Bryce Aime show in September – here’s my post on it – and instantly fell in love. I fell in love all over again when I saw these uber-exclusive images from the Spring/Summer 2010 photoshoot, shot by the Mofo.
These two images are a tantalising tease of an introduction to a collection which really blew me away. I loved everything, from the trademark tailoring and silhouette to the fusion of futuristic shapes and Parisian chic. 


I will be posting something much more substantial when I have made up for my sleep depravation and unpacked. Budapest was ever so slightly epic.