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Happy birthday to…me!

7 Jan

As some of you may know, yesterday was my birthday. I’ve had quite a lot of personal stuff going on (as well as the burglary) over the last couple of weeks and was adamant I didn’t want to celebrate. One of the best things about good friends is they don’t let you pass milestones or deal with things by yourself. So I agreed to a quiet dinner at one of my favourite restaurants (you should all know that that’s Ping Pong by now!), all very low key and relaxed. Huge thanks to the person who looks after Ping Pong’s Twitter page who knew I was going for my birthday dinner and gave the staff a head’s up. I felt like an absolute princess yesterday evening!

I rummaged through my outfit for an old favourite, something that I knew would make me feel like a million dollars. I bought this Topshop Boutique dress quite a few years ago, I loved the ruching and cowl detail, fit and the gorgeous material. I didn’t want to wear opaque tights even though it’s a bit nippy as it would just create one block of black so I wore some tights that were a little more interesting but not so exciting that they’d take the attention away from the dress. Lastly, I chucked on some ASOS peep toe shoeboots, like the dress they’re an old favourite and worn in so well that they’re like slippers!

The Birthday List

4 Jan
This post is more for my real life friends than blogger friends. It’s my 25th birthday very soon and though I’ve been harping on about it for months, I’ve not really given anyone hints about what I would like. And I’m notoriously hard to buy gifts for! To be honest, I’m not too into gifts, just something small and thoughtful is normally more than enough 🙂 I would also appreciate time in a piercer or tattoo artist’s chair!

Fashion DVDs

Gossip Girl Season One

Gossip Girl Season Two

True Blood Season One

Jewellery & Clothes

ASOS Rhinestone Rose Necklace

ASOS Statement Necklace

Lipsy Bubble Hem Chiffon Dress

Rare Ribbon Stud Top

Rare Chainmail Waistcoat

ASOS Organza Rose Skirt

Fashion Books

Influence by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

In ‘Vogue’ – The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Famous Fashion Magazine by Alberto Olivia

Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion By Sarah Mower

The World of Coco Chanel: Fashion, Friends, Fame by Edmonde Charles-Roux

The Catwalk Cats by Grace Coddington

* Images Lipsy, Amazon, Asos, Rare Fashion