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AWOL: Moving!

20 Jul

I will be away for a couple of days poppets…I’m moving to London! Well I’ve technically moved, but someone with as much crap clothes, shoes and other paraphernalia as me needs about a week or so to ‘move’.  It’s all exciting and new, I’m just keen to get settled and for my apartment to start looking a little more cosy and lives in rather than tripping over shoes strewn across the floor! Here’s my apartment inspiration, Carrie Bradshaw’s original apartment.


Spring Clean

21 Jun

Hello lovelies!
Wow that was a long hiatus! Life’s still crazy but I really can’t be away from my blog…and you guys…for long. Hopefully you’ve noticed that I didn’t completely abandon Fashion Daydreams. I wanted to have a little make over…I wanted a cleaner and simpler layout and look. Do you like it?! I promise lots of exciting new content in the coming days, weeks and months.




Be back soon…

31 May

Sorry guys, I really need to take a short break from blogging. I’m going through a lot of major crap and upheaval at the moment. I’ve tried to carry on blogging over the past month but recently it’s gotten too much and I need to take a break whilst I get everything together. It’s such a tough decision as I love writing and I love you guys, I feel like I’m letting you down. The timing is terrible, I’ve just passed my two year blogiversary and had so much planned to celebrate.

Thank you for your continued support, each and everyone of you is an absolute superstar. I’ll be back soon.


Fashion Fix..and Me!

18 May
Ok so it’s taken forever for me to move house (I have a lot of shoes..!) and get my internet sorted (multiple trips and conversations to clueless B&Q, Comet & PC World staff) and just as it was getting sorted, I went and fractured my elbow. Personally, I blame The Boy. Yes, the same The Boy from way back when. Safe to say its been a roller coaster few weeks, but now the dust has settled and I shall firstly impart (some) wisdom and (mostly) observations from my chaotic weeks:

* Iceskating is not fun and harmless, you could end up fracturing an elbow!!
* Cute doctors do exist. No, not cute, make that scorchingly hot doctors.
* Perhaps, just maybe, it might be time to give flats a while again
* I feel allergic to black again, bring on summer brights!
* In fact just bring on summer, I’m shivering as I type

* Rabbit also like eating Oreo cookies and party rings!

Ok enough of that, and onto some real stuff. My new job is going great, online marketing for one of the top retailers in the world, so not too shabby if I say so myself! New place is going well too, have run out of clothes/shoe room but have ordered more addition to the 2 wardrobes and 2 chests of drawers I’m currently using. So all in all, ticking along nicely despite a couple of huge blips. I have missed you all, and have missed blogging and tweeting tremendously so I’m probably going to over-blog to make up for it! And, no time like the present right?! So here’s a probably slightly random Fashion Fix, while I find my blogging feet again. But fear not, there will be more to come pretty much everyday this week, including pictures from the Chanel Fall 09 campaign!

V-ow Magazine editorial

I think it’s from a V Magazine editorial, with Kate, Natalia, Claudia and Daria. The images have stunned me…Kate kills it in the Margiela jacket.

V Man’s also got it goin on…

Ashley Olsen is an editorial for V Man, looking sultry and sexy and a brunette!
Agy stars in Uniqlo campaign

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about Agy, really not my most favourite model. The shots are alright, nothing more nothing less. Do any of you disagree?
Iman Ostracised.

“I did feel a bit ostracized. You suddenly represent a whole race, and that race goes, ‘Well, that person does not represent our ideals of beauty.’ For lack of a better term, it becomes what it was like during slavery. One had the field n— and the house n—. There was this notion that I was chosen by white fashion editors to be better than the rest, which I am not. I did not like being thought of as the house n— whether it was spoken or whether it was understood. It always left a bad taste in my mouth. I call it ‘the politics of beauty’ because fashion can sometimes be an assault on one’s identity.” Iman
In Brief:

Move over Sienna: Apparently Sienna’s status as Matthew Williamson’s muse is over, Leigh Lezark is the new muse on the block.

Fiction about ‘reality’: Lauren Conrad has a new book out. About a girl who moves to Hollywood for a reality show. Right…

The Wanderer Returns…

12 Mar

Ok so I’ve been conspicuously absent since LFW, sincerest apologies. My reasons are two-fold, most of you know about the job situation. I’ve officially been made redundant now, subsequently I’ve been going mental trying to find a new job. Not an easy task with hundreds of people all applying for the same jobs 😦 All happened so quickly and unexpectedly, I don’t really have a game plan..toyed with working freelance, getting a permanent job and even going abroad. But mostly been stressing! Second reason is ‘blogger burnout’, I’ve totally cut down on looking at fashion stuff on t’internet and I didn’t want to put up half arsed posts for the sake of it. Seem’s like I’m not the only one though, there’s a great post on IFB Forums and I really am trying to snap out of it!

I’ve already started, by updating my Model of the Month (left) and random bits and pieces that I’m coveting, those Dune boots are on sale by the way! Model of the Month this month is Lily Donaldson, who triumphed at Milan Fashion Week. Milan was all about the established models, with newbies hardly getting a look-in. Anja Rubik opened for Fendi and opened and closed for Gucci, Natasha Poly opened for Cavalli and Blumarine and closed for Allessandro Dell’Acqua and Dolce & Gabbana. They were no match for our Lily though, who opened and closed for Versace and had the final looks for Alberta Ferretti and D&G. Good to see one of my favourite models doing her thing!

Lily Donaldson Natasha Poly

Talking of Milan, I know my absence has affected coverage of Milan and also Paris. I’m sure most of you eager fashionistas have devoured images already so I’m not going to repost images you’ve seen. Instead, I’ve got some cute backstage pictures coming in the next couple of days, along with posts on mary-janes, vintage dresses and a totally EPIC Fashion Fix. Looks like my fashion muse has struck, finally!

Gone Fishin’

22 Jan
Ok ok I’ve been partying and working a lot. Working a hell of a lot. Partying a lot more this weekend. But I shall be back my lovelies xx

Very random picture…no idea why I decided to put it up but ho-hum! I still have a penchant for lace tights!

Le Weekend

10 Dec

Finally, news on the mysterious weekend. The Boy is kinda back on the scene. I’ve needed someone to be there during some really tough times, and he thought I needed a weekend of pampering and relaxation. And I’ve got to say, the weekend was pretty amazing. Ok, so there were some ups and downs but overall I think it was just what I needed.

He booked us into the amazing St Martin’s Lane hotel for 2 nights….it was the most fabulous hotel I’ve ever been to! I was totally bowled over with his choice. I had about 20 minutes to change before we headed out for dinner. We went to Gilgamesh in Camden, the food was absolutely delicious! Saturday was a shopping day, needless to say that went down very well, we were going to sweat it out in the steam room after but mens and womens were separate so there was no point. I had a night out with the girls at Dolce, then met The Boy back at the hotel. Breakfast in bed was well needed!

The Hotel
st martin's lane hotel room
St Martin's lane hotel room
st martins lane hotel lobby
The Restaurant
Gilgamesh Restaurant
Gilgamesh restaurant Camden
Gilgamesh restaurant bar Camden
The Breakfast

breakfast room service at St Martin's Lane Hotel