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Snuggle up with Electronic Sheep

27 Dec

Brrrr the cold weather is back. I’m not one to complain about it, winter is supposed to be cold and a little bit of snow never hurt anyone. However, all this wrapping up warm is a little overrated. Chunky knits are gorgeous and keep you snuggly warm, but everyone has the same idea and you end up wearing the same extra-long, chunky scarf and cute mittens as everyone else. Luckily, I have a knitwear secret up my sleeve – Electronic Sheep. The young knitwear label is designed by Brenda Aherne and Helen Delany. Their graphic knitwear, strong visuals and brights will definitely make you stand out from the crowd! I’ve fallen in lust with the Pyramids and Pipes collection, especially the signature knitted triangle scarves, hooded scarves and adorable bobble hats. 

Bag lady

30 Sep
I’m not normally one for bags but recently I’ve found myself a little bit obsessed. I’ve even rewritten a popular Calvin Harris song with the following lyrics: I like sachel bags, I like fringed bags, I like leather bags, I like suede bags…I like all the bags I like all the bags! I’m actually singing it in my head as I type. Do I need professional help or am I just starting to see the light?
I think women typically fall into two camps, shoe girl or bag lady. I’ve been firmly in the shoe camp for years and years. Bags are nice and all, we all need a place to put ‘stuff’ but I’d rather marvel at a pair of gorgeous platforms than the newest ‘it’ bag. I think the ‘it’ bag phenomenon was part of the problem, having one bag each season which scores of people rush to buy. Before long, it’s been copied on the highstreet and lost its appeal and you look just like everyone else. The latest in a long line of examples is the Mulberry Alexa. It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous bag I’ve been into the St Christopher’s place store so many times to stroke it and admire it but everyone has it and everyone on the highstreet has their own version.
I’ve been scouring Net-a-Porter for some gorgeous bags which hopefully won’t be the new ‘it’ bag and won’t be copied all over the highstreet. I don’t think I have a bag type, I love classics like the Mulberry Bayswater, I like bowling bags and satchels, I like lots of embellishment. Which is your favourite? Or is there a super gorgeous bag out there that I’ve missed?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sophie satchel – £425

Jewellery Overload

17 Jan
I love wearing a lot of jewellery. Not everyday, some days I wear nothing at all but most of the time I wear so many rings and necklaces that I add about a kilo to my weight! Power Casual have done a little feature on it – here. I guess I just love layering, even if it’s necklaces and rings.
There’s a Karl Lagerfeld quote which I just love, about him and his rings – “Today I counted 19. Sometimes I go up to 23. I have only 10 fingers like everybody else, hm?”


This is what I wore to my birthday, a proper post is coming in the next couple of days.

What’s your policy on bling, does less equal more or do you love piling it on? 

Baby it’s c-c-cold outside!

17 Dec

Ok so Winter has officially arrived in the UK! Most of the country was a-twitter about the snow and ice and frost and general coldness, my car kindly told me it was -3 Celsius!! I have officially given up wearing peep toes, functionality is more important than cold toes!! I just want to curl up and hibernate until Spring but unfortunately the show must go on and I have to leave the house on a daily basis! I’m so stocking up on some lovely winter warmers to get me through the subzero conditions. The upside to this sub-zero weather is definitely the accessorising!


I love a chunky soft scarf. I love them even better if they have gloves or a hat attached. Multitasking at it’s best!


My mum always lectured me in the importance of keeping my head warm. Knitted headbands appeal to me much more than hats, unless they’re deer stalkers!


I think gloves are pretty boring to be honest, which is why I prefer arm warmers. They have a little more personality and keep me warm while allowing me to play with my iPhone 😀 Mittens are uber-cute though, I love a good mitten. Mufflers are just too amazing, not enough places sell them!

* All these are available at ASOS

Fashion Magpie

11 Dec
Ok I confess, I love shiny things. Ever since I was little I was automatically drawn to things which glisten and glint. It’s like a compulsion. The only thing worse than shiny things are shiny shoes, there’s no helping me if there’s a shiny shoe in sight. So really, purchasing two shoes when I should have been shopping for presents isn’t my fault you see….

broze courts sequin vintage shoes

Shoes (both) – Primarni

Arm candy

25 Aug

With accessories, I think you either love them or hate them: you’re either a shoe girl or a bag lady, you either love watches or hate them. Well I think you all know that I’m a total shoe girl and as for watches, I haven’t worn one since I was 13. They just seemed a little unnecessary, I have a phone which tells me the time I don’t need something on my wrist! Obviously I would never say no if someone offered me a nice Chanel watch though…

However, I discovered this brand Toywatch a while ago andI feel a little obsession growing. I’m not sure what it is about them, they’re just different. Now I just need to decide what one to buy, bright pink and yellow are calling my name..but the black ones are just so slick and classic. What’s a girl to do?

* Source Toywatch