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Perspex and snakeskin shoe dreams…

31 May

Seriously, how lust-worthy are these heels?? A simple court shoe updated, the perspex platform gives it a bit of attitude and contrasts with the classic shape of the shoe. They sort of remind me of a Charlotte Olympia pair I saw a while ago, but with a Topshop price tag. Does that mean it’s ok to buy all three colours? 

Rare press day AW11

29 May

A couple of weeks ago, I popped over to Soho to have a preview of Rare‘s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Regular readers will know that I adore Rare for their comfy, easy to wear casuals as well as the head-turning dresses in the  Opulence range. The brand is really developing their signature: florals, prints, pleating and texture. I was glad to see the Autumn/Winter collection steers clear of depressing dark colours and injects some fun, colour and pretty, pretty prints to brighten up the darker months. Pleating, plaiting and embellishment are the pretty cherry on top of a beautifully girly cake. 
The collection

The details

Thanks to OPI and Lash Out lashes for the pampering and Think Publicity for being lovely, warm and welcoming as usual. 

Tanner Krolle Spring/Summer 2011

28 May
As Tanner Krolle, a brand with over 150 years of luxury heritage, enters 2011 the focus remains the same: timeless style, beautifully crafted quality and discreet luxury. They are relaunching ten classic models for this season, with four of them only being available to their top ten VIP customers for a year. This is the ultimate luxury and status symbol, not a Louis Vuitton bag with the logo emblazoned over every surface. To me, that is just not luxury, it’s ostentatious and brash. Though some of the colours are bright and eye-catching, the designs are thankfully logo-free and just feature butter-soft leather and metallic accents. As Coco Chanel said: “Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity”.

Sample sale alert: Sample Hunters, Christopher Kane and Erdem June 2011

27 May
Sample sale time! Here are the details of some up and coming sample sales early next month: 

Who: Erdem

When: 1-8pm 2nd June, 10am-7pm 3rd June
Where: The Future Gallery, 5 Great Newport Street, WC2H 7JB

Who: Sample Hunters

When: 2nd June – 3rd June
Where: The Old Truman Brewery, Hanbury Street, E1 6QR

Who: Christopher Kane
When: 5pm on 9th June – 9pm on 10th June 2011
Where: London Newcastle Depot, 1-3 Wenlock Road, N1 7SL

Boy Capel inspires new Chanel bag collection

26 May
Introducing the new Chanel Boy bags! The collection is brand new and launches next season. Comprising of five oh so covetable bags, they make for a simple and minimal addition to the iconic Chanel handbag collection. Inspired by Coco Chanel’s functional and practical androgynous look, the collection has a pared down, slight utilitarian undertone. The designs are based on a hunting cartridge style originally carried by Coco and the collection is named after Boy Capel, the great love of her life.  Having seen Coco Avant Chanel about a billion times, I can just imagine Coco herself creating the beautiful glazed calfskin collection herself. I want. 

Carine Roitfeld interviewed by the FT

26 May

Following on from La Wintour’s cover and interview by WSJ, the Financial Times recently interviewed Carine Roitfeld. I adore Carine and literally poured over the details. She comes across as the polar opposite of Anna Wintour – warm, friendly and genuine. There’s an overwhelming feeling that she’s enjoying her new-found freedom. Here are my highlights from the interview..

On drinking: “It will be around 8pm when I go home that I will have a little shot. It’s my Russian roots.” Roitfeld doesn’t like champagne, which is a “problem at fashion parties”, so before she goes out she will have a shot of vodka to ensure she arrives in a good mood.

On leaving Vogue Paris: “When I started I said I would not stay forever, a maximum of 10 years. You know, I could stay six months more but it’s good to leave when you are in the highest position, and I think I did a lot at Vogue.”

On that Tom Ford issue: “No, he [Conde Nast’s president] didn’t like it. Me, I like to push boundaries, I am irreverent, but he would prefer something softer, more mainstream. Maybe he was anxious about the future because magazine sales are going to be harder and harder.”

On Emmanuelle Alt: “We aren’t friends any more. I think it’s sad. When you give a lot of confidence in people and you don’t get it back you are a bit disappointed but it’s life. I move on.”

On her new job with Barneys: “They suggested, and I love this, ‘to celebrate me’ during September fashion week in New York.”

On Iggy Pop comparisons: “People always say, ‘You look like Iggy Pop…I don’t know if it’s the eyes or the hair, anyway, he has a great style.”
On being down to earth: “It’s funny, everything is so much easier when you do it yourself. [Having assistants speak to people on your behalf] takes you further away and I was very surprised to learn that a lot of people were scared of me because they thought that I was tough and mean, I am not mean at all, I am not tough at all.”
On the US Vogue rumours: “It’s the biggest compliment that I could edit the biggest fashion magazine on the planet but I am not totally bilingual; I am irreverent, which works in a small country like France but not a big one like America and it’s a big business magazine. To edit a magazine like American Vogue you have to play politics and she is like a first lady.”
On Fashion Week: “It’s less fun than it was 10 years ago. I liked the times when people were more crazy about fashion, they tried hard with the clothes they wore, they were so excited it was like the royal wedding – they could sleep outside the show. Some people are more interested in what stylists are wearing to the show than in the show itself.”
On the business of fashion: “There’s so much money involved and the designer has to produce a great show that will sell clothes but also keep the name of the brand high to sell the perfumes. Sometimes you can really feel the business behind the fashion show.”
On McQueen and Galliano: “Fashion is very tough and we shouldn’t forget that before designers were money-makers they were artists. Galliano was an artist, McQueen was an artist. These people are very fragile and can’t support this pressure.”
On fashion as a global industry: “It’s difficult to please a woman in Shanghai, Rio and Paris, and to design a jacket that will suit all three of them. It’s difficult for a brand to talk to a lot of people, to seduce all these new customers, and sometimes designers don’t have the shoulders for it.” She adds, “It’s good for business that you can buy Dior in Shanghai or Brazil. I would prefer to find something different from what’s in Paris, but it’s over – a dream – and you can’t go back now.”

Being a Sarenza brand ambassador

25 May

A couple of days, I posted about attending the Sarenza What’s Hot party in Paris with very little explanation. Sarenza is a super huge French brand who sell about a billion 300+ different brand shoes, needless to say they’re very well known in France. They recently launched a UK site and have asked me to be one of their brand ambassadors on this side of the Channel. Attending the party was my second official task as a brand ambassador, the first was picking a pair of shoes. Now, this wasn’t nearly as easy as it sounds, with so many brands all in one place, choosing one pair is actually a mind boggling task! I eventually settled on this crazy pair by Carvela, with a pink platform, red patent strap and leopard print strap they’re definitely a statement shoe! I decided to save them for the What’s Hot party, here’s what I wore with them….

Sequin top – sample sale
Shorts & belt – New Look
Shoes – Carvela c/o Sarenza