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Bag lady

30 Sep
I’m not normally one for bags but recently I’ve found myself a little bit obsessed. I’ve even rewritten a popular Calvin Harris song with the following lyrics: I like sachel bags, I like fringed bags, I like leather bags, I like suede bags…I like all the bags I like all the bags! I’m actually singing it in my head as I type. Do I need professional help or am I just starting to see the light?
I think women typically fall into two camps, shoe girl or bag lady. I’ve been firmly in the shoe camp for years and years. Bags are nice and all, we all need a place to put ‘stuff’ but I’d rather marvel at a pair of gorgeous platforms than the newest ‘it’ bag. I think the ‘it’ bag phenomenon was part of the problem, having one bag each season which scores of people rush to buy. Before long, it’s been copied on the highstreet and lost its appeal and you look just like everyone else. The latest in a long line of examples is the Mulberry Alexa. It’s a gorgeous, gorgeous bag I’ve been into the St Christopher’s place store so many times to stroke it and admire it but everyone has it and everyone on the highstreet has their own version.
I’ve been scouring Net-a-Porter for some gorgeous bags which hopefully won’t be the new ‘it’ bag and won’t be copied all over the highstreet. I don’t think I have a bag type, I love classics like the Mulberry Bayswater, I like bowling bags and satchels, I like lots of embellishment. Which is your favourite? Or is there a super gorgeous bag out there that I’ve missed?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sophie satchel – £425


What I wore to London Fashion Week

28 Sep

One of the reasons I love London Fashion Week is I actually get to wear some of the impractical things I can’t help but buy. Things like ostrich feather skirts, fluffy furry jackets and vintage fur hats. These are things I couldn’t possibly live without but they don’t really have a place in everyday life. Here’s what I wore:

Day one

Jacket – Zara, floral top – River Island, velvet maxi skirt – New Look, wedge brogues – Bertie, Jewellery – Links of London, YSL, Roberto Cavalli, thrifted, holiday buys, H&M. Randomly decided to put on a mood ring I bought when I was about 15, can’t remember what the colours meant but it was fun guessing!

Day two

Photo courtest of Emerging Fervour, as I didn’t take any apart from in the photobooth! I can’t remember what we were doing or where we were going but I was hanging out with Kit from Style Slicker and Shini from Park & Cube. Yes, I had wardrobe envy. 

Fluffy cardigan – Monsoon, pearl top – New Look, laser cut silk skirt – Rare, Tights – Henry Holland, denim buckle wedges – Asos. The rosary is from River Island men’s department, I’ve had it for years and love it even though a lot of the silver has rubbed off. 

Day three

Fur hat – vintage, fluffy jacket – Zara, silk playsuit – Topshop, patent cut out wedges – New Look. No idea about the tights I’m afraid! 

Day four

The ostrich skirt. I love this, wore it last season too. It’s not even my size it’s slightly big but I-just-had-to-have-it!

Cobweb knit cardigan – H&M, black lace top – New Look, ostrich feather skirt – Topshop, killer embellished heels – Miss Selfridge

London Fashion Week – Jasper Garvida Spring/Summer 2011

28 Sep

Huge, huge thanks to Miele and the lovely folk at Push PR for not only inviting me along to Jasper’s Spring/Summer 2011 show but also letting me take a sneak peek behind he scenes before the show. So, what happens at T-minus 30 mins to a catwalk show? Things are hectic but kind of laid back at the same time. Impossibly tall and gorgeous models mooch around backstage getting made up or having their hair done – gorgeous candy floss puffs of pink and white. The clothes rails are centre stage with running order, names and polaroids of models pinned on. There is the cutest dog snoozing. Jasper is incredibly calm, he pops in and out to check how things are going. In the middle of talking to people, he looks at me and a look of recognition passes over his face, he remembers the interview I did months ago! He really is the most lovely person I have ever met. 

Onto the show. Aptly named ‘Belle’, the collection was a celebration of femininity. The candyfloss hair backstage was a preview of the sugary sweet collection. The colour palette was predominantly candy pinks and pretty lavenders with some metallics thrown in to stop it looking too saccharine. Having had the chance to view the collection close up, I saw the gorgeous little details which make this collection stand out – the pleated ballet skirts, the flowers made of chiffon, the fine fabrics, the cinched in waists. My standout pieces were the waistcoat made of gold discs and the heavily embroidered trousers. I love all of the gorgeous dresses too, especially the marble-effect ones.  

Huge thanks to Hannah at Push PR for letting me use these images seeing as my camera/memory card had a fail moment and wiped my backstage and show pics. Just the Jasper show..!

London Fashion Week – Spijkers en Spijkers Spring/Summer 2011

27 Sep

Guest post by Fiona of Save our Shoes

“Where the wild roses grow” collection is a feast for the floral print senses.  Not only is the collection absolutely gorgeous, it is so appropriate for summer antics.  Spijkers en Spijkers looks for next season are wearable and make me want to move to the Netherlands where I can cycle everywhere in my chic tailored suit and buttoned up blouse.

The collection was inspired by Nick Cave and Kylie Minogues classic hit “Where the wild roses grow”.  Floral prints are a staple in my wardrobe, so if someone was willing to hook me up with these ditsy floral shorts next May, I shall not complain.

It was a gorgeous show and I can’t wait to look at them on and dream about mustard coloured shift dresses, veggie hotdogs with mustard and lazy summer days.  Surrounded by wild roses.

Images taken from BlowOnline blog.
Lots of love from

London Fashion Week – Romeo Pires Spring/Summer 2011

27 Sep

I rocked up to the Romeo Pires show not knowing what to expect. What I experienced was a quite bizarre and dark show, from the eerie ‘childhood’ music to the white painted faces. The inspiration seemed to be school, or perhaps a Victorian school…the white shirts, pinafores and braces seemed to say school to me anyway. I love the huge drop waists, waistlines loitering at knee level aren’t overly practical but coupled with the extra long shirts the slouchy effect was pretty chic. I also liked the slightly macabre prints – skulls with gold teeth and what looked like wombs or ET. I have a couple of close up pics, let me know what you think they are. Colour-wise, the collection was very basic with just stone, black and white. Like most of the London shows, the collection also featured wispy, sheer panels. To be totally honest, although I liked elements of the collection I don’t think any of it really appealed to me but I would love to see the Autumn/Winter collection. 

London Fashion Week – Julien Macdonald Spring/Summer 2011

26 Sep

This was probably the most high profile show I attended during London Fashion Week and it certainly didn’t disappoint! I found myself right at the front of the queue to get in and saw many a famous face walk into the venue – Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child), Cat Deely, Anna Dello Russo, Kate Lanphear, Olivia Palermo, Elle MacPherson and of course Amber Rose. The collection itself blew me away, definitely one of my favourites of Fashion Week. The collection featured billowing skirts, floaty dresses with trains, cobweb knits and slouchy tops in chiffon and parachute silks. It was such an opulent, feminine and girly collection, perfect for Spring. 

*Apologies for the poor pictures, trying to upload more but Blogger is doing my head in. They need to invent a fullscreen edit mode a la WordPress or just an easier, quicker way to upload and place photos!



London Fashion Week – Charlie Le Mindu Spring/Summer 2011

23 Sep

I feel that I need to put in an explanation/rant before I start talking about this collection and perhaps put London Fashion Week in context. I’ve seen lots of tweets along the last couple of days putting LFW and London fashion in general down. Sorry to come across all Carrie Bradshaw, but I love London and nobody talks sh*t about my boyfriend..! It’s not just people on Twitter, lots of the international editors miss the first couple of days of London. These people claim that London collections aren’t wearable and too extreme. Putting big names like Burberry and Mulberry aside, the majority of smaller designers that I saw produced beautiful and wearable collections…look at the likes of Ashley Isham, Eun Jeong, Jena Theo and Body AMR. Before making such a sweeping statement, take an actual look. 

Is fashion all about being wearable and serious though? Are we really supposed to look forward to season after season of bland, wearable clothes?! Yes, wearable collections are important, we can’t all go around dressed in a leotard made out of rubber gloves with kermit on our head like Gaga. But speaking of Gaga, isn’t she named as a fashion icon on a daily basis? I don’t see her wearing a DvF wrap dress or Ralph Lauren classics. She’s loved for the outrage and controversy of what she wears. And guess what, she loves British designers like Charlie le Mindu and Bryce Aime. I see London as a bubbling hub of fresh talent and it’s such a shame that people write it off so easily. I think the majority of designers who have made it big have been extreme and caused controversy in the past. Look at Marc Jacobs, championing the grunge look in the 90s got him sacked from Perry Ellis and McQueen earnt himself the nicknamed l’enfant terrible for his antics. 

Anywhoo off my soapbox and onto Charlie le Mindu. It’s worth noting that he started his career off as a hairdresser, soon becoming a celebrity hairdresser and wig-maker. He has done hair for the likes of Peaches and Jodie Harsh, so not your average hair! He gained such a following that he collaborated with Gemma Slack on a jewellery line and produced his first collection for Autumn/Winter 2009. His collections are not very wearable, but they’re fierce and they push boundaries. His Spring/Summer 2011 collection featured leopard prints, black, red, pink, flamingo influences and naked models. Controversy aside, I actually liked one of the gowns but I concede that I would probably never, ever wear it. What did you think? What do you think of London fashion?