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Jena Theo Autumn Winter 2010

26 Feb

Jenny Holmes and Dimitris Theocharidis, the duo behind Jena Theo, first made their catwalk debut at Fashion Fringe in 2009. Their first show at London Fashion Week was very pretty. The collection was inspired by the French resistance, silent movies, the glamourous Fifties and icons Ginger Rogers and Marlene Dietrich. I loved the oversize aesthetic, lots of billowing, volumionous shapes which you need to see walking down the runway to properly apprecite. I’m already coveting the oversize boiler suits, jumpers and high waisted trousers as well as the kaftan dresses.

* Source – Zimbio

Maaike Mekking Autumn Winter 2010

25 Feb
Maaike Mekking is a Dutch-born, London-based designer who has worked for McQueen and Alberta Ferretti among others. For her Autumn/Winter 2010 collection, she collaborated with artists Tania Leshkina, Joseph Xorto and Anastasia Freygang to create an stunning presentation. Entitled ‘Witch-Craft-Wo-Man-Ship’, the collection was inspired by nostalgia and transition. I loved the colour scheme of charcoal, beige and pale pink interjected with black. 



Andrew Majtenyi Autumn Winter 2010

24 Feb
When Reena asked me to guestblog for her, I was well-chuffed.  Cause Reena is the shiznizz.  Anyway.

The Andrew Majtenyi show was held on the 5th floor of Arundel House (I ❤ elevators).  It was quite a small venue but I was happy out as the music was mixed by Jodie Harsh. Win.  Any show that starts with a remix of YeahYeahYeahs is alright by me.

The inspiration of the collection was post-recession optimism. Something we can definitely use in the current economic climate (to be said in a Dad-esque voice). There were classic cuts; some twopieces, dresses and coats; throughout the show.  It was a colour palette of greys, charcoals, and dusky pinks. There was some repetition in the collection, but overall it was all very wearable and well constructed. I loved the use of wool and different materials, in contrast with one another.  


I really enjoyed the print used on some of the dresses, of a girl walking a dog.  I can picture this pink dress in Regents park in Spring, with a wee dog.  Roll on Spring time. Another cheeky print used was one of fast food. Nomnom.

What really impressed me was these slick trousers with a panel of embroidery down the inside of the leg.  SaveOurShoes friend Jen would rock these I think with uber skyscraper heels.
Now let us take a moment to appreciate the socks and heels combo.  Andrew is a man after my own heart.  One can never have enough of combining socks with heels.  The shoes were by Steve Madden and they really were perfectly styled with the collection.

I really enjoyed the show, and it was my first at LFW this season, so it went off to a good start. Thanks Reena.
Peace Fiona from SaveOurShoes

Kinder Aggugini Autumn Winter 2010

23 Feb
From the minute I took my seat I fell a bit in love with the Kinder Aggugini show as the catwalk was decorated with elaborate gold candlesticks festooned with greenery and gold eagle statuettes.Kicking off with Kate Bush I did my best to get snap pictures from my back row seat as the collection that seemed part English stately manor and part Matrix went on below.
Inspired by Juliette Recamier Kinder Aggugini conceived a collection “based on the kind of beautiful feisty woman who lives like a true Rockstar whilst turning heads both for her look and her intellect”. The end result was beautiful, delicate flowing silk dresses teamed with rock n roll leathers, military inspired tailoring and structured English country tweeds. Military influences often pop up in Autumn Winter, but this look was less gold buttons and masculine buttoned up formal wear and more 19th century soldiers wife. Think Sharpe wrapping his jacket around the shoulders of a down on her luck aristocratic woman who has just fought off the advances of a boorish Officer by virtue of her superior wit and strength of character.
Combining masculine fabrics like leather and tweed with more feminine silks and fluffy mohairs created a look that was both feminine and powerful, a bit bad girl grows up, and absolutely right up my street.
Guest post by Gemma from Retrochick.
 * Source

Caroline Charles Autumn Winter 2010

22 Feb

Not being overly familiar with designer Caroline Charles, I wasn’t too sure what to expect from her show on Friday morning. The show itself was split into three parts, very prim and English daywear, luxe bohemian and elegant eveningwear. The daywear looks had classic belted silhouettes, country tweeds and a gorgeous Autumnal colour palette of moss greens and browns. The fabrics used for luxe bohemian looks really caught my eye, lots of silk, velvet and beading in gorgeous jewel colours. The evening looks were almost too elegant, floor length black gowns with some amazing beading. My favourite piece was a heavily embellished gold jacket paired with black latex leggings. The show closed with a bride in black with two gold clad bridesmaids. 


London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010.Day 1

19 Feb
This is going to be a super brief post, as I need to pack my suitcase and get some sleep! I’m sure London Fashion Week hasn’t escaped anyone’s attention. It has come around so, so quick and I felt totally unprepared. I thought I was going to miss my first show, thankfully I was just about on time. My day consisted of three shows, Caroline Charles, Body AMR and Jena Theo, more on those later. This is what I was snapped in today by the lovely Paolo:

 Cardigan – Joy, Top – River Island, Skirt – Topshop, Tights – ASOS, Shoes – New Look

The first day of Fashion Week is always a learning curve. The main lessons I learnt today were bring a coat and you can never have too many business cards! Things which made my day include:
* Practically stalking Hilary Alexander, that woman was everywhere!
* Getting my picture taken lots
* Crepe de la Crepe – delicious!
* Being interviewed for Radio 2
* Catching up with lots of amazing blogger friends.
I’m now off to Paris, but expect many, many London Fashion Week posts when I am back. 


Alexander Wang Fall 2010

19 Feb
Who caught the show, streamed live via ShowStudio?? I missed it but found this clip online. The collection was very dark and moody, but I kind of like that for Winter. I love the injections of velvet, tailcoats and cutaway trousers.