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The end of an era

31 Dec

We’re mere hours away from entering 2010. It’s not just a new year, but a new decade, which is pretty monumental. I’ve read a few articles about the ending of this terrible decade, which started with the 9/11 terror attacks and ended with a global recession. It’s doubtful that this decade will be missed, but I think everyone who has experienced it will remember it forever.

On a personal note, this decade has meant a lot of growth and development. In 2000, I was 14 years old so I have obviously come a long way from barely knowing myself to making my way in this world. I’ve finished my education (for now), loved and lost, discovered my passions and found some truly amazing friends along the way. So I think I will always smile when I think back to…what have ‘they’ called it now..the Noughties? But I’m glad to see it end.

I’m off to Paris to celebrate the end of this decade, I felt it needed a good send off. I have a 3/4 hour car journey to ponder my resolutions. I only have one at the moment: To be more organised. I’m so time poor, but instead of complaining about it more, I want to do something about it. Work harder and make more time for blogging and friends. You know, the important things in life 😉 What are your resolutions?

Happy 2010!

Lots of love,


Surviving the Boxing Day Sales

26 Dec

It’s Boxing Day morning and the house is as quiet as a mouse. You can’t hear a peep….except…for me sneaking out the door at an ungodly hour. Yep, it’s sales time. Boxing Day sales are one of my most favourite rituals and I’ve been going to the sales for about 7 years now. There are two rules I swear by: be organised and shop smart.

Being organised

Know where you’re going and how you’re gonna get there – Check trains/tubes are running!
If you’re outside of London, double check what time the shopping centre opens
It pays to arrive early, most people can’t be bothered!
Comfy flat shoes and comfy clothes are a must

Shop smart

It’s so easy to buy current trend pieces which you will only wear for a couple of months. I prefer to shop next season’s trends now, and very occasionally I shop for classic items. The trends I’m going to be keeping an eye out for are:

* Neutral colours – Peaches, ice blues, dove greys, creams
* Texture – Lace, chiffon, very light fabrics and Grecian draping
* Shoulders – One shoulder or strapless dresses or jumpsuits. Though I think I might steer clear of dresses, my wardrobe is overflowing!
* Shrinking hemlines – short shorts, shorter skirts and the shortest dresses
* Embellishment – Sequins, beading, studding, anything. Extra points for anything with military or tribal influences

Spring 2010 Trends
L-R Jil Sander, Lanvin, Balmain, Balmain, Fendi, Christopher Kane

* Images

Christmas Party dresses

24 Dec

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and I’m so relieved. I know the big day is yet to come, but it means party season is over! Deciding where to go and what to wear for an entire month of partying is tiring! There were three trends which appealed to me when finding dresses: Short, one shouldered and sequins! Basically, anything which looks like it was influenced by Christophe Decarnin. One day, I will own some Balmain…

For my work Christmas party, I had to tone it down just a tad. I feel that it’s a bit inappropriate to be overly sexy at work dos, many people disagree but I think it’s just going to attract trouble and gossip. The sequin dress by Rare was perfect. It had matt sequins so it wasn’t overly glitzy and in your face but it has huge shoulder pads! Very fitting for someone who won the Fashion Icon of 2009 award during the end of year awards…I’m an icon darlings!

Reena Rai
I hope you have a fabulous Christmas and Santa brings you everything you wish for. If you’re going to brave the sales, best of luck! I will post up my guide to surviving the Christmas sales on Boxing Day.

Lots of love,


PS – The sale has now started, and my dress is on sale

Carvela Grind

24 Dec

Monsterous. In the very best way.

* Source ASOS

Ethical…and warm!

22 Dec

Little known fact about me: I used to be vegetarian.

To those who know me now and didn’t know me then, that’s a hilarious thought. But it’s true, I was vegetarian. But I didn’t draw the line at not eating meat, I became slightly obsessed with animal rights and became fully cruelty free. I stopped buying leather or anything made out of animal skin and refused to use cosmetics made by companies who were known to test on animals. It was really, really hard, ethical fashion ain’t easy! That was 6 years ago and there weren’t really that many ethical companies, I basically bought my smellies from The Body Shop and didn’t buy new clothes! I even sold my leather jacket and most of my leather/suede shoes.

These days it’s a lot easier. People Tree‘s fairtrade designs are available in Topshop, Edun is loved my celebrities and even Primark sells organic tees. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not easy, but it’s easier at least there are options. The hardest thing I always found were the shoes, which is why I was thrilled when eco-friendly shoe company Simple sent me some lovely boots. Simple make sustainable, eco-friendly and most importantly comfy shoes. They have been an absolute godsend during the snowy, icy conditions in Britain!

Now, the little tinkers weren’t exactly straightforward when sending me my gorgeous boots. I actually received one of my boots and someone else’s boot! We eventually tracked each other down and arranged to get our rightful shoe back via Send Social.

Baby it’s c-c-cold outside!

17 Dec

Ok so Winter has officially arrived in the UK! Most of the country was a-twitter about the snow and ice and frost and general coldness, my car kindly told me it was -3 Celsius!! I have officially given up wearing peep toes, functionality is more important than cold toes!! I just want to curl up and hibernate until Spring but unfortunately the show must go on and I have to leave the house on a daily basis! I’m so stocking up on some lovely winter warmers to get me through the subzero conditions. The upside to this sub-zero weather is definitely the accessorising!


I love a chunky soft scarf. I love them even better if they have gloves or a hat attached. Multitasking at it’s best!


My mum always lectured me in the importance of keeping my head warm. Knitted headbands appeal to me much more than hats, unless they’re deer stalkers!


I think gloves are pretty boring to be honest, which is why I prefer arm warmers. They have a little more personality and keep me warm while allowing me to play with my iPhone 😀 Mittens are uber-cute though, I love a good mitten. Mufflers are just too amazing, not enough places sell them!

* All these are available at ASOS

London Fashion Weekend

14 Dec

While I’m taking this little trip down memory lane, I must remember London Fashion Weekend! After the madness of London Fashion Week has calmed down and normality starts to return, London Fashion Weekend hits, and is a much needed form of retail therapy! I always feel so inspired by the shows and love rummaging around for something extra special.

Dress – Random shop in Bulgaria
Boots – Topshop

Like LFW, London Fashion Weekend has changed venue to Somerset House/180 Strand. Most of the good stuff was at 180 Strand, it felt like Ozzy and I spent forever looking around at, well, pretty much everything! There were so many pretty things, although I was slightly disgusted when he tried on a real rabbit fur jacket.

Thankfully, the jacket stayed on the rails! I came away with just one item, this absolutely amazing sequin tutu by Reem. Reem is an Iraqi-born London designer who is famed for her distinctive costume exuberance and urban uniform aesthetic. There were so many lovely things at the Reem stand, but this skirt really caught my eye. I literally wore it on the first occasion I had, even though it meant wearing my beautiful skirt on the bus!

Reena RaiReena Rai

Jacket – River Island
Top – ASOS
Skirt – Reem
Bag – Vintage
Boots – Dune