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Dress Me Up @ Topshop

29 Nov

Ok this must be one of the most exciting things Topshop has done…ever! A ton of celebrities, from Kate Moss to Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, have donated some absolutely stunning dresses which Topshop is hiring out for a mere £40! All proceeds are going towards two very deserving charities – Help the Aged and Age Concern. I happened to stumble upon the fabulous 50s style dressing up boudoir yesterday while shopping with Kristabel, and just couldn’t help myself when I saw a beautiful Burberry dress (next season) worn by Frieda Pinto.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have an event fit for such a gorgeous dress, believe me I tried justifying wearing it to work/shopping/cinema but it’s really not happening! Apologies for the crazy light settings and crazier hair…it was raining a storm in London all day…

Reena Rai
Other dresses available include:

Lanvin, donated by Kate Moss
Dolce & Gabbanna, donated by Peaches Geldoff
Roberto Cavalli, donated by Julia Restoin-Roitfeld
Naomi Cambell’s own design
Herve Leger, donated by Jourdan Dunn
Jayson Brunsdon, donated by Dita Von Teese
Zac Posen, Donated by Erin O’Connor
Marc Jacobs, donated by Katie Grand

PS – Dresses are available to try on until 6th December, they will be available for hire from 7th-23rd December and auctioned after this at some point. If you love me, you will win the Burberry dress for me and I will love you forever!!!!

Alexander Wang’s Exclusive Capsule Collection for Net-a-Porter

28 Nov

Since the launch of his full womenswear collection in 2007, the fashion world has been crazy about Alexander Wang. Pretty much everyone I know craves his casual-chic, off-duty-model look, so it’s not surprising he has a full accessories line, a diffusion line and a shoe line in just two years. Partially helped by friend, muse and show stylist Erin Wasson, who epitomised Wang’s signature laid back look.

The capsule collection for Net-a-Porter shows a more grown up, super sexy aesthetic; the draping, the corsetery, the fabrics. There are so many dresses I’m coveting right now…

* Images Net-a-porter

Rare Fashion Press Day

25 Nov

When I received an invitation to the Rare Fashion press day, I was a little skeptical. The dresses are nice enough, I’ve actually got one, but the collaboration with The Saturdays made me think ‘cheap’ to be honest. But I decided to go anyway, I try not to rely on preconceptions and it seemed like a good opportunity to find out more about the brand.

I invited fellow bloggers Kristabel, Ozzy and Fiona too. In my usual fashion I was running late and met up with them there. Slightly flustered, I sat myself down with a glass of wine to get my nails done and peruse the Spring Summer 2010 collection. There were some pretty dresses which caught my eye, but also some more casual clothes surprisingly. The collection was very light and pretty, lots of pastel colours, prints and lace. The fabrics felt lovely.

The highlights were two dresses with lace detailing and a gorgeous green cropped jumper with amazing shoulders.

I also love this all over sequin dress and military cardigan from the current collection. I was so tempted to tuck the sequin dress into my goodie bag, it’s perfect for my Christmas party!

Huge thanks to Almina and all the lovely folk at Think Publicity for such a lovely evening! x

Rihanna Global Album Preview

23 Nov

Last Monday was the best night I’ve had in a long time. The effortlessly stylish Marian has a wee competition to win one of four tickets to the super exclusive Rihanna album preview concert, hosted by Nokia. I was smiling all day thinking ‘I’m off to see Rihanna tonight!!’, and she really didn’t disappoint.

Brixton Academy was buzzing with people, all excited for the show. Carina and I arrived early enough to have a couple of drinks and marvel at the lack of clothing on some girls, we came in coats and scarves!! Rihanna soon hit the stage in what can only be described as an out of this world one arm leotard. The magpie in me went crazy for the embellishment. She performed a couple of songs from her new album, Russian Roulette and Hard, as well as some old favourites like Umbrella. She was briefly joined on stage by Young Jeezy and Jay Z, which completely made my night!

I have to admit, I wasn’t really her biggest fan before, but now…I’m sold! The actual concept of the night was amazing, as most of you will know it was streamed live on the internet and even started up a trending topic on Twitter! I’ve already downloaded Russian Roulette, Hard, G4L, Photographs and Te Amo. You can find more pictures and videos on the Nokia site –

Rihanna Brixton Concert
Rihanna Concert
Rihanna Nokia
Rihanna Album Preview
Rihanna Rated R

What a Month….

21 Nov

It’s been a 5 weeks and 3 days since my last post…wowsers! I kinda left it on a depressing note, but thankfully things are a little brighter now. I have missed blogging terribly, I am so glad to be back, I have so many backdated posts which need putting up so excuse my tardiness! On the upside, I have a lot of outfit posts which have been missing from Fashion Daydreams for months. Here’s just a little bit of what’s happened in the last month:

The Boy – Despite all the rumours, love does not conquer all. All that pro-love propaganda that Disney has been churning out is lies! I know I sound very cynical, but I’m just realistic to my situation. If someone just continues to hurt you, intentionally or unintentionally, the only logical thing to do is walk away. It might hurt, but staying with them and being let down time and time again hurts a lot more. Love doesn’t fix the situation, it just blinds you and makes you paper over the cracks. I loved him very much and planned a life with him but I feel so much stronger without him now. I still have days where I miss him and want to call him, but not that often anymore. I smile a lot more now, being happy is more important to me than struggling to cope in a relationship that doesn’t work.

Work – Still stressful, 9-10 hour days are still the norm. I’ve been working on Christmas since September and cannot wait for it to be over, in a work sense. 34 days people…!I hope a little glimmer of my love for Christmas remains.

Home – Still trying to find a new abode. It’s not as easy as it sounds, the property market is picking up and it seems that 2 bedroom flats around London are selling like hotcakes! I’m more than ready to move, which makes me scared that I will just snap up the first place which is vaguely decent. But finding that is like finding a needle in a haystack. But rest assured, once I do find a place, my lovely blogger friends are more than welcome to sample my cooking….Kristabel I’m planning on cooking you pad thai!

The rest – Needless to say my immune system took a battering due to all this stress and I had a horrible 2 week flu…which I took with me on holiday! Egypt was beyond amazing, it was just what I needed and helped me sort a lot of things out in my head. I did everything – swam with dolphins, snorkeling, scuba diving, climbed Moses mountain (epic), quad biking, bet in a casino, camel rides, saw the pyramids…! Here are a couple of holiday snaps, showing a happier and more together me.