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Bryce D’anice Aime Spring Summer 2010

29 Sep

Sometimes it’s good to know people, and sometimes it’s absolutely amazing to know the right people! Daniella is lovely and sweet and just so happens to work for Bryce D’anice Aime, and she is an absolute angel as she sent me a couple of tickets to the show at London Fashion Week. I took along Gemma from Retrochick who was almost as excited as I was. It was a packed show, the queue was huge and I have absolutely no idea how they fit everyone into the room!

This was one of my favourite shows, I looove the super sexy silhouette and the amazing shapes. The inspiration was “50’s Parisian Chic combining classic with futuristic body con structure”, it was a very directional collection. The colours were fairly neutral, mostly blacks and golds, but there was the odd flash of red and some shimmer to keep it interesting. Bryce’s trademark tailoring combined with strong shoulders and mesh panelling made for some very hot looks. In short, an amazing collection and I would beg/borrow/steal/barter/sell a kidney for some of the dresses!

Photos are courtesy of the lovely Hugh O’Malley, a very talented fashion and beauty photographer.

Kinder Aggugini Spring Summer 2010

25 Sep

One of the least known ‘famous’ designers in the world, Kinder has ghost designed for Versace, Vivienne Westwood and Calvin Klein among others. He put himself in the limelight last season, showing his own label collection at London Fashion Week in February. I was thrilled to get an invitation to his Spring Summer 2010 show at London Fashion Week, the invite (a slightly bloody Snow White) piqued my interest. The collection was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and Grimm Bothers fairytales, which I grew up with. He explains, “The show is based around that spirit – where everything appears candy-coated and pretty on the outside. Yet, within, lies a constant darkness..I have taken the little pretty children’s dresses, opened them up at the seams and inserted juxtaposing fabrics. These are usually darker and more textured”.

I loved the theatrical show. Kinder’s collection was a cornucopia of print and colour: pinks, blues, purples, metallics, stripes, snakeskin print, tribal patterns, polka dots. Everything was over the top, from the oversized Stephen Jones hats to snakeskin print fabrics and textures ranged from tweed to sheer, floaty chiffon. It sounds like an insane jumble of ideas, but there was an underlying cohesion which bought it all together and somehow it blended into a beautiful and vibrant show, one of my favourites.

Marcus Constable Spring Summer 2010

24 Sep

10.30 am…on a Sunday. I’m up, dressed and in central London, albeit in a barely awake zombie state. The occasion is the Marcus Constable show, held in Libertys for London Fashion Week. I wasn’t overly familiar with Marcus’ background, but he seemed like an intriguing character. Having graduated from Central Saint Martins almost 15 years ago, with his entire collection being snapped up my Libertys, Marcus gained sponsorship by Topshop. He then left London in 2001 for various stints in Paris, returning with his Autumn/Fall 09 collection, which Grazia raved about, naming him one of their ‘One to Watch’ designers.

Constable’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection is simple with clean lines, but with enough subtle fabric-fold origami to stop it from being boring. The beautiful pleating is a continuation from his Autumn 09 collection, and works perfectly with the blue-grey and monochrome palette to create a fresh and delicate look for Spring. The only thing I disliked about the show were the shoes, men’s shoes by Beatrix Ong. Shoes aside, I loved the collection. The manipulation of fabric and casual layering are definitely looks I will be trying next year.

The Sartorialist Book Signing – London

22 Sep

Living and working outside of London makes attending events on a ‘school night’ pretty much no go, but I had to make an exception for The Sartorialist book signing. Arguably one of the most influential style bloggers, it seemed inevitable that he would release a book. The Sartorialist is often described as a ‘fashion blog’, but I would describe it more as style. More often than not, it’s not about Vogue inspired, cutting edge fashion. It’s more about how real people wear things and the details, patterns and textures.

When I got to Libertys, the queue was absolutely mental. In fact, there were so many people there that Libertys had run out of books! Apparently someone was running to Waterstones to get more. I was meeting the lovely and hilarious Frankie of Swell Vintage at the signing, so discreetly joined her in the queue. She had got there ages before me and was so close we could see the man himself chatting away. I was panicking slightly about not having a book, but some more arrived just in the nick of time!

Wondering why his champagne glass is empty

Soon it was our turn! As if I wasn’t nervous enough, after shaking my hand, Scott Schuman told me I'[m beautiful! Highly doubtful, as I had been up for about 15 hours by then and my make up had slid off my face but it was sweet nonetheless. Frankie and I both thought that he was lovely, very friendly, dapper and a complete gentleman. It was well worth the hour and a half it took to get into London and to get back home. The one upside to the journey; I was able to devour the book from cover to cover on the train home 🙂


PS – LFW posts and pictures up soon, need to sift through my hundreds of pictures and find a moment to jot down the madness which occurred.

Fashion Night Out – London

14 Sep

What.A.Night! When I heard about Fashion Night Out, a global initiative by Vogue, I knew it would be an awesome night. As the list of London participants grew, so did my anticipation and it didn’t disappoint. As I stepped off the tube at Bond St, I could feel the buzz in the air and couldn’t help but covet well, pretty much everything people were wearing! I met up with my friends and headed to Selfridges for a make over by Dior, which was gorgeous.

I had to fight my way into Browns, there was a big crowd and an even bigger cloud of smoke outside. It was more than worth it though, I was served by none other than Marios Schwab!! He was doing his stint at the till. I was so in awe I could barely speak, but I did manage to get two signed tshirts!! Antonio Berardi was deep in conversation most of the time I was in the store, and Roksanda Illincic was giggling away with Jonathon Saunders. It was very surreal!

DSM was a bit dead by the time we got there, but my friend, who has just started her fashion design course, met one of her idols – Hussein Chalayan. I was pretty gobsmacked to have been in the same breathing space, but she could barely talk. Definite high point of the evening! I also stopped by the Anya Hindmarch store to have a which photoshoot with a bag, it was awesome it was a real mini studio and the photographer was hilarious! I’ll scan my picture soon 🙂 I also stopped off for some ultra cheesy snaps by a FNO sign…

All in all, it was such a fantastic evening, I was shattered and my feet were killin me but it was more than worth it. The girls and I discussed the night’s shenanigans on the train home and we all felt so fortunate to be there and be part of history. It’s the first time a global fashion event like this has been held, and I really hope it’s not the last.

Reena xx

PS – Totally gorgeous leather thigh high boots at Topshop! Shoe heaven. £275 price tag = shoe hell 😦

7 Sep

Been spending some time thinking about life, what really makes me happy. What I need. Asking if I’m happy where I am. Trying to figure out where I’m going. Will post in a couple of days when I have gathered my thoughts.

* Source Jak & Jill

*Warning* Totally Gratuitious Shoe Post…

1 Sep

Bag ladies, move on. This post is strictly for the shoe lovers out there. The Bank Holiday was a total shiver-fest for me, but I’ve still got a smile on my face. The chill in the air means one thing, Autumn is on the way and with it, beautiful boots! I spied an undeniably sexy pair of Carvela boots in Kurt Geiger. With a £250 price tag, the name Skint is more than apt. Any donations to my shoe fund are welcomed and appreciated!

Carvela – Skint

Some other hot studded, vertigo-inducing boots worth a peep…

Topshop – Abby

Carvela – Sizzle
KG by Kurt Geiger – Hope