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Fashion Fix

29 Jul

The new Wang?

I really hate when journalists refer to someone as ‘the new…’ so-and-so. It’s lazy journalism and kinda insulting to the person they’re describing. Seeing as being a hypocrite is pretty much inevitable, I’m going to join in…hear me out though! Stylist turned designer? Check! Monochrome colours? Check! Unisex look? Check! Angular silhouette? Check! Rad by Rad Hourani, the secondary line for the namesake designer was unveiled. In stores in November, priced between $100-400. How much are u wanting a piece of this?!

Gucci Fall 09 campaign

Words fail me. The first image is just too hot to handle! Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Myf Shepherd and Raquel Zimmerman shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, styled by Emmanuelle Alt.

Lily Golightly?

Karl Lagerfeld’s muse for sometime, Lily Allen stars in the Chanel Fall 09 campaign, which has more than a touch of Breakfast at Tiffany’s about it. What do you think of Lily as a modern day Holly Golightly? Fashion Chalet, would love to hear your opinion!


Extracts from a Dasha Zhukova’s interview with er Interview magazine, about Pop magazine! Phew!

She’s not trying to ride in on Katie Grand’s coattails.

I respect Katie Grand, and I hope I can retain some respect for the brand. But I have other plans for the magazine now. And, come on, it’s not like this is the first time there’s been a new editor at a magazine.

Actually, she was opposed to taking the job at first.

My initial reaction was, “No way. I don’t want this.”

She acknowledges the doubts about her ability to edit POP . . .

Yes, there was a lot of doubt there. But here’s the thing: I’ve wanted to do a magazine for years. In fact, my friend Olympia Scarry and I had worked on a magazine concept before. We did up a dummy version, and even looked to get it printed. It was not like POP. We had only planned on a single issue a year, and the layout was different. But when this opportunity came along — an entire magazine ready to go and fully staffed, with an entire infrastructure — eventually I decided it would be stupid not to at least entertain the idea.

. . . And that she isn’t from the fashion world.

That’s another thing: I read fashion magazines, but I’m not all up in the mix. I’m not from this world. I haven’t spent years in fashion making friends and making enemies. I barely know who half the people are. Obviously, I know that Katie Grand started POP, and that it’s a product that’s so associated with her in this world. But in my world, it’s just POP.

But she finds those aspects advantageous.

Absolutely. It allows me to not delve too deep into the politics of it all. I like to think of myself as the average reader.

In brief:

Baby be gone: Gisele appears in the London Fog campaign sans baby bump, which has been airbrushed out.

Baby Boom: 18 year old Jourdan Dunn has also revealed that she is pregnant. Both Jourdan and Gisele are due in December.

Nouvelle Vogue: “Think a new circle of models, an influx of fresh, young photographers and a desire for ‘unpredictability’ in the stories.”

Lacroix saved?: After a few frankly pathetic offers, the front runner seems to be Borletti, who has stakes in Printemps.

5 ways to blow a month’s salary

23 Jul

Ok so my job isn’t all glamour and excitement. Sometimes there are boring bits. In between the boring bits I have a habit of daydreaming about marrying a Russian billionaire and making daily Net-a-Porter orders….its usually at this point reality kicks in and I realise the boots I’m staring at would cost almost a month’s salary! If I were the reckless type or a Russian billionaire decided to sweep me off my feet, these beauties are top of my list:

Proenza Schouler PS1

Balmain boots

Marios Schwab dress

Brian Atwood boots

Alberta Feretti dress

* Source Net-a-Porter, Outnet

Fashion Fix

20 Jul

Oh yes, now I’m back, it’s back too!

Stella does love the animals

Stella McCartney has possibly won the unofficial ‘who has the best campaign’ competition! I can’t help but smile whenever I see this combination of hot fashion and Disney deliciousness. Ryan McGinley shot Sigrid Agren in the woods and photoshopped in Bambi et al. Don’t you just love it?

Vogue Italia Black Issue: The Sequel

I’m sure you all remember the much talked about and debated all black issue of Vogue Italia last July. Well, it’s back, but with Barbie. Sequels for anything are bad at the best of times, but how do u top the hype and impact of last year’s Vogue Italia? The answer is…you can’t. But what you can do is team up with a famous doll brand who has a new range out. But hey, I’m talking about it so I guess they win!

W-W-Wow it’s Lara Stone!

Fashion’s obsession with Lara Stone isn’t waning. The model, who’s size varies between a US 2 and 6, counts Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld fans. She graces the cover of W magazine’s August issue, shot by Steven Klein who calls her ‘The girl with the x-rated lips’. Picante!

It’s not all about Daria

You may remember the February issue of Vogue Paris, it was entirely devoted to one Lara Stone. There were rumours that the August issue would be a Daria Werbowy special, she is a much more deserving model in my opinion. But sadly, this isn’t true. Other models will feature in the solely Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin shot issue.

In Brief:

To the Tents – Erin Wasson will be showing her Spring 2010 collection in the tents…u go girl!

Outta the Tents – Erin, the face of Maybelline, seems to be bringing the high-street make up brand with her. MAC is out, Maybelline is in people.

Ossie to close – A year after relaunching, Ossie Clarke is closing again, due to ‘market conditions’.

To Paris!
On a side note, are any other bloggers off to Paris this Saturday?? I’m ridiculously excited, I’ve never been to Paris! Yes….deprived 😦

5-figure bag??

11 Jul

I was Twittering a couple of days ago about expensive handbags. It’s pretty much the norm to see bags cost anything up to a couple of grand these days, but is a 5-figure price tag for a Proenza Schouler bag acceptable?! Most people agreed that it was a gorgeous bag, but it totally does not justify the price. I’ll admit, I experience total bag-lust when I see it but, £10k?! What do you think?

* Source Net-a-Porter

Louis Vuitton Fall 09

7 Jul

When Marc Jacobs cast Madonna in his Louis Vuitton campaign, it got a lot of tongues wagging. I actually really liked it, the dark, atmospheric French-looking cafe, the killer heels and the fabulous feathered skirt. So I was fairly excited to see the Fall campaign, as Mr Jacobs decided to keep on his current muse. While the styling and clothes are still fabulous, I can’t help but stare open mouthed at the excessive photoshopping. It’s ridiculous! I’m used to seeing models photoshopped to within an inch of their lives, but this is extreme photoshop…please tell me you agree and I’m not being a drama queen about this!

* Source TFS

Yves Saint Laurent Fall 09 Campaign

4 Jul

It kinda came outta nowhere, but I’m a big fan of YSL campaigns now. The use of the logo is so old school and the shoes are out of this world. It’s never too clever or complicated, just fairly simple and elegant. The Fall 09 campaign looks a lil something like this…

* Source TFS