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30 Jun

I hate PC World. They are scum! I had such a severe flu, yet I ventured out to PC World to rid my laptop of it’s virus. They told me 10 working days and £230 and my virus would be in top top health, but I would most probably lose everything…music, my writing, my movies, my pictures, everything. Thankfully I was well enough to tell them to stick it! I bought an external hard drive backed everything up…then reformatted my hard drive and painstakingly trawled though thousands of files to find the nasty trojans which invaded my poor laptop…I’ve now found them and destroyed them! Reena – 1, Virus – 0! Going to slowly ease myself back into blogging, its been a while! Thank you for your patience xx

RIP Michael Jackson, King of Pop

26 Jun

My laptop is still virus-ridden but I simply couldn’t not post. I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan and I’m completely devastated that he has passed away. Actually, I would say I’m inbetween denial and devastation..part of me just refuses to believe it’s true. I know he will live on through his which has changed the industry forever and will continue to be a point of reference and inspiration to artists for years to come.

For me, like many others, he was such an inspiration and I feel so fortunate to be from a generation which can remember him for his contribution to music rather than tabloid headlines. I remember being completely fascinated by Michael as a child, I was only a couple of years old when Bad came out but I remember listening to it constantly and watching the extended version of Bad over and over. I made my mum buy me Thriller and Off The Wall and later the Moonwalker movie. I had his calendar and recorded his interviews and concerts whenever he was on tv. The one thing I wanted more than anything was the chance to see him live, and I was over the moon when I finally got tickets to his last ever show.

In a thinly veiled attempt to keep this post fashion related..I’m sure you guys remember these images of Michael wearing Balmain, supposedly Emmanuelle Alt’s influence.

Shoulda used protection…

4 Jun

..cause I have a virus! Electronic kind, before you guys get worried! Seriously, I have no idea what these kids think they’re gonna achieve by emailing people from my hotmail and deleting my msn contacts…anywhoo I’m not going to be blogging (or doing anything on t’internet) til I’ve got rid of my virus.

Be smart people, use protection! Sort out ur firewall, anti-virus, spyware, malware and footwear issues before its too late 😦


Topshop Autumn/Fall/Winter Shoes 2009

1 Jun

Yes…I know the sun is blazing hot and you’re all thinking about shedding ankle boots and liberating toes in gladiators. But, these shoes are just so yummy that I had to share! Roll on Topshop Fall 09 collection, if only for the shoes! I love the peep toe boots and both mary-janes, esp the ruby red ones!

* Source Caroline Feber