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Matthew Williamson for H&M Preview

25 Apr

Last week, my fabulous friend Lucie kindly invited me to the Matthew Williamson for H&M preview. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend, but she has written a wee round up of the night. To read more of her fantastic fashion writing, visit her Mode Pass page.

Despite nearly half a decade of collaborations between H&M and star designers, I’ve always refused to wake-up early on the launch day and queue for hours to find out that the dress I wanted was already sold out. On Wednesday evening, the H&M flagship store on Regent Street organised a preview of its collaboration with Matthew Williamson, and I managed to get invitations. For me, invites (wrongly) mean no waiting, so I turned up at 6:30 pm on the dot, with a friend, to see a line of people wrapped round the block.

Rather than queuing, we decided to first go to Liberty and check out the current Matthew Williamson collection. 45 min later, the queue was just going round Banana Republic so we decided to join. Which is when we saw him, bright-blue trousers, white tee and navy blazer, Matthew Williamson was talking to his fans. He signed autographs, let security take his pictures with some girls, apologised for the queue and generally thanked everyone for coming. He was really nice.

Meanwhile, a quick chat with a member of security revealed that the collection was (already) victim of its success, and that the length of the queue was due to the fact that nearly everyone with an invite turned up. 1000 invites for two sent, do that maths, it’s a lot of people.

Once inside, there was bubbly and nibbles for everyone and music by the Voguettes in an absolutely packed H&M floor. When we got in at 7:45 pm, the key pieces such as the peacock dress, the green and blue handbag, the studded belts and the printed scarf were already sold out. Many items were only left in extreme sizes. As I write this, two hours before the actual launch, the “Matthew Williamson H&M” search on Ebay already counts 27 results. A sales assistant assured us that they were going to get another delivery in this morning, so if you are planning on going, all is not lost.


Swish, Swish, Swish

22 Apr

I’m still covetting fringed ankle boots. I have been for months. Luckily, I’m starting a new job tomorrow so I can now afford to purchase things!! Not for my own selfish needs, I like to think that I’m doing my bit to support the economy. Anyway, this picture from Jak & Jil perfectly captures why I’m so obsessed with fringed boots, the swishy coolness of them!

Fashion Fix

20 Apr

This is one of my most favourite types of Fashion Fix, one with Karl Lagerfeld interview snippets at the end!

Balmain + Emmanuelle Alt = Jacko?!

First we had Beyonce and then Rihanna rocking Balmain. And now, Michael Jackson! Granted, both Michael Jackson and Christophe Decarnin both love shiny things, so it does kinda make sense. But it’s Fall 09 and a women’s top! Apparently Emmanuelle is obsessed with Jackson, which is how he came to wear it. Emmanuelle, please please somehow get Balmain to do his tour costumes. I will literally cry with joy at the concert if he is wearing Balmain!!

Adriana Lima goes high fashion.

Your average catwalk model is usually pale, skinny and from Eastern Europe. Your average Victoria’s Secret model is usually brunette, from Brazil with big boobs. There’s often little scope for these two career paths to cross, bar Giselle Bundchen of course. So when Adriana Lima sauntered down the Givenchy runway for Fall 09, it caused a bit of a stir. Apparently it’s not a one off, Riccardo Tiscli has cast her in the Fall 09 campaign with 3 other girls. This is one campaign I cannot wait to see!

Giselle tops the chart!

Speaking of Giselle, she’s knocked Kate Moss off the top spot of Icon’s chart. She’s come a long, long way since her $25 million contract with Victoria’s Secret that’s for sure. Fronting campaigns for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, YSL, Versace and Aquascutum to name but a few, this stunning Brazilians come a long way from modelling smalls.

Agren interviews Lagerfeld for um..Interview!

Sigrid Agren interviewing Karl Lagerfeld in March during Paris Fashion Week, for Interview magazine:

Agren: Okay. How do you look when you wake up?

Lagerfeld: That’s why I sleep alone. My hair is curly, and that’s why I have my ponytail. I look like a madman, like something out of a horror movie! But I’m very impeccable and clean before I go to bed. It’s just like right before I’m going out. When I was a child, my mother always told me that you could wake up in the middle of the night and be deathly sick, so you always have to be impeccable. I laugh about it now, but I think everyone should go to bed like they have a date at the door.

Agren: What advice would you give me on becoming a supermodel?

Lagerfeld: That’s very difficult. I’m not a girl, but for a supermodel, my advice is that it’s based on . . . (hits hand on table) no justice. It’s not because you want to be a supermodel, or because your mother thinks you’re a hundred times better than Claudia Schiffer. You can be a model like yourself, very elegant and chic, or you can become a kind of advertising PR person, like Heidi Klum. You can do whatever you want, but it isn’t really your choice. You want to know what the real secret is?

Agren: Tell me.
Lagerfeld: Its not being perfect. What one needs is a face that people can identify in a second. That’s why the girls who were famous in the ‘90s can still work for advertising. People know their faces. The little blonde Russian, Sasha (Pivovarova), has a face people can remember instantly, but for other models today, people think, Is she this one or that one? It’s very difficult, but, you see, in fact there is no advice, because all circumstances are very different. It depends on what you are ready to give, the kind of life you bring, what may be exciting or disappointing . . . You can’t accuse anyone of not doing enough to help you, because, besides yourself, there’s nothing anyone can do. You have to be given what’s needed by nature, and what’s needed is to bring something new. But it’s the most . . . (hits hand on table) unjust . . . (hits hand on table) thing in the world.

Agren: Thank you so much, Karl.
Lagerfeld: Well, it’s true, isn’t it?

In brief….

Biba @ Topshop: Biba are designing a capsule collection for Topshop, which is hitting stores April 28th.

Prada pony: Prada’s Fall 09 shoot features a horse and is being shot by Meisel.

Albert Hammond who?: Agy has wasted no time moving on following her split from Albert Hammond Jr, she’s apparently dating Alex Greenwald of the band Phantom Planet.

TK Maxx it up: You can win a personal shopping experience plus £250 here!

And me: I have a job! I start Thursday 🙂 Whoop! Still looking for a fashion marketing job though, but at least I can start shopping again!

* Source Style Frizz, My Fashion Life, Fashionologie,

Sizzling Sienna Miller

18 Apr

It’s been a while since I’ve seen an editorial with Sienna, until I stumbled upon this beauty from DT Magazine. It’s gotta be one of her best I think. The clothes are nice enough, but I think it’s the tiger that tops it off. I love big cats!

sienna millersienna miller editorialsienna miller dt magazinesienna miller fashionsienna miller* Source Popbee

Fashion Fix

15 Apr

Delayed Fashion Fix due to Easter. Well, all that chocolate won’t eat itself, will it?! Hope you all had a calorific Easter 😉

Gucci Girls

Frida Giannini has enamoured with my favourite city since the reopening of the Gucci store on Sloane Street, so much so that she has bought Jacquette Wheeler in for the Fall 09 campaign alongside Gucci regulars Natasha Poly, Freja Beha and Raquel Zimmermann. The campaign will be shot by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin in North London.

Extracts from an interview with Ms Giannini at the end of Fashion Fix.

Zandra Rhodes for M&S!

Ok, slight confession. I love a bit of Marks & Sparks action. The iconic retailer has come a long way over the last few years. Last year’s collection by Patricia Field was fairly successful, but I think the collection by Zandra will kick ass! The collection, which launches online and in stores on May 7th, will feature her signature bright prints on swimsuits, silk dresses, kaftans and jumpsuits plus lingerie and accessories.

Twitter breaks the news.

If your not already a Twitterholic, why?! And if you are, make sure you’re following me 😉 Plug over, now let’s play detective. Apparently an epic shoot has taken place in London, with both Chanel Iman and Sessilee Lopez tweeting about it. First, Chanel early in the morning: “IN London Shooting a MAJOR SURPRISE COVER!!!!Its top secret can’t give it away!!” followed by Sessilee in the evening: “Leaving London now!!! My God when you guys see the photos from this shoot you will die, all i can say is ITS A MAJOR MOMENT IN FASHION!!!!!”. Interesting!!

Blonde is the new er…black?

Ikeline Stange went blond earlier in the year, now my Model of the Month Daul Kim has followed suit. It could have all gone horribly wrong, but I think she looks really good! What do you think?

Frida Giannini fights back.

Frida has recently been under a lot of criticism, firstly for her Spring 09 collection supposedly resembling Zara and her Fall 09 collection looking a bit Bebe.

“I’m not criticised by all the world — it is a very small niche of people. And I will never change for them. I want to stay close to my thoughts. When someone wants to offend me by saying I’m copied by the high street — well, for me, it’s a huge compliment.”

Despite the allegations that she’s taken the brand too commercial, Freida vows that she’s not caught up in all the celebrity-obsessed hubbub; she’s more focused on keeping the $2.2 billion turnover she’s cultivated for the brand.

She cares so little about celebrities, there were no red carpet gowns in the runway show.

“I didn’t want to show long evening dresses this time because it’s not about the Oscars any more. I don’t want to waste our time designing something that at the last minute might not get worn. Anyway, celebrities just aren’t my obsession. Some are really damaged by their stylists as well — and there’s no loyalty to a brand. Audrey Hepburn’s style was really defined by Givenchy, but now actresses wear anything and everything, and that can damage a brand too. I’m more interested in talking to real women.”

Her employees agree — the designs are more than just Zara.

“I wish people that could see the clothes close up,” said one staffer, guiding me past the rails of crystal-smothered tunics that were in the show. “People think it’s all about disco but . . .” she strokes one leather jacket with the consistency of clotted cream, “the workmanship is unbelievable.” She shrugs.

She loves that her job allows her to “play.”

“I wake up in the morning, listen to the news which says the world’s coming to an end. Then I come to work and play with fur and crocodile. Sometimes I think that I’m living on the moon.”

And she’s entirely devoted to it.

“I’ve always seen myself as a mother one day, but not in this moment. I have other priorities, other things to do.”

In brief:

Whit Quits: Whitney Port has quite DVF! She’s returning to People’s Revolution.

Mad about Madonna: Marc Jacobs is still a big Madonna fan, she’s returning to front the Louis Vuitton fall 09 campaign.

Where’s Theyskens?: Halson or Schiaparelli? Only time will tell….

* source google images, Marie Claire Italia, I Models,

I’m back!!

9 Apr

Phewwww I am so exhausted from Madrid, I had a fantastic time it was the most awesome holiday ever. Lots of naughty hi-jinx, have had to set up a closed group on Facebook to share some of the racier images 😀 We’ve all taken hundreds of images though, finding it a bit hard to share them. I thought Flickr would be good but you have a monthly allowance of 100mb…I’ve taken 500 photos so it’s not quite enough. If any of you have any bright ideas, give me a shout!

Also had the interview on Tuesday, the day after I returned. It was with Arcadia Group, as a marketing assistant! I was so nervous, my interview ended up being twice as long as the other girls though so I thought that was a good sign. But, they decided not to give me the job. They absolutely loved me, said that personalitywise I was spot on and my knowledge of fashion was amazing, as were my ideas for the brand. But I was overqualified with too much experience!! I’m so gutted, and experiencing very anti-Arcadia feelings right now!! But maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, something better will be around the corner I’m sure….

Being jobless, I can’t quite stretch my budget to take advantage of the following sale flyer 😦 But I’m hoping it will come in useful for some of you lovely bloggers! I used to work at Beatrix Ong, back in my uni days when the store was in Primrose Hill. You can now find them in Burlington Arcade in Mayfair or online. Ohhh you must take print the flyer off it’s not being advertised online or in-store. Let me know if you buy anything!

AWOL….I need me some sun and sangria!

3 Apr

Ola!! I’ve temporarily abandoned Britain for some much needed sun and sangria in Madrid 🙂 I just about managed to squish and squeeze everything into my hand luggage case and riiiight about now I should be touching down. I’ve been ridiculously excited about this getaway after the dramas of the last few months…so look forward to some crazy pictures and stories upon my return!

Speak to you soon!

Fashion Dreamer xx

PS – Please keep your fingers, arms, legs, feet, toes and everything else crossed for me on Tuesday and send me some good vibes. Very important day!