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29 Nov

Guys…am spending a much needed extended weekend ‘Oop North’ where it’s cold and people can’t pronounce about half the letters in the alphabet! But I shall return Sunday/Monday xx

Soo Many Boots, So Little Time…

26 Nov
So…shopping during lunch hour is never ideal. The constant time pressure plays havoc with a girl’s judgement, I’m always buying things I shouldn’t and leave stuff that I should. Ok, ok, I rarely leave things, lunchtime mantra is ‘if in doubt, buy’! But I came away with two pretty hot pairs of boots today. I didn’t actually have any back boots (shocking I know!) so pretty damn happy with these hot ankle boots and faux-ver the knee boots (almost over the knee boots but not quite).

Anyway, I decided to wear the same outfit with both boots…shoes literally make SO much difference to an outfit! Which do you like best?

Boots – Both Primarni
Shorts – Primarni
Jumper – Zara
Skirt – Topshop
Jumper – Sydney store
Dress – New Look

Fashion Fix

24 Nov
Karl Makes a Mint

One week til the special Chanel coins come out! Yeah…I know, commemorative coins are kinda an old lady thing but…*whispers*…I actually want these. I’m not entirely sure why, or what I would do with them though. Perhaps collect them? Anywhoo, they’re just so cute, they were created to celebrate the 125th anniversary of Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s birth and feature the designer, Karl’s signature and the label’s signature quilting effect.
Ozzie sunshine coming to London

I go to Sydney quite a lot, and there’s always a new brand or store to discover there. Of course there are always the old reliable ones, Sass & Bide are definitely one I keep going back to as are Ksubi…or Tsubi as they were known when I was last there. I never actually got round to buying a pair of jeans, I kept umming and ahhing trying to find the perfect pair to squeeze into my already overpacked suitcase, I had it narrowed down to four though! Luckily for me, they have a pop up store coming to London in 2009, after hitting Brisbane and Sydney…!
Katie does Miu Miu

Hot on the footsteps with shots of Madonna leaving her campaign shoot are images of Katie Holmes leaving her rumoured Miu Miu Spring 09 shoot. She will be joined by 8 unnamed models. Her eye makeup look gorgeous in the picture (and I’m not even a makeup girl!) but little Suri is even more gorgeous, check out the mini fashionista’s ruby slippers!
Nymph faeries are back at Prada

Courtesy of Sasha Pivovarova. Following on from her first ever photography and drawing exhibition during NY fashion week in February, Sasha is working on a book of nymph drawings with Prada’s backing.


And that’s your lot folks. Apologies for being so lame at leaving you comments. I think I caught a vomiting virus at the Kanye concert…which totally ruined this weekend. I’ll spare you the details but it was gross and I’m still off my food. But I promise I will catch up with you all over the next couple of days! Oh and thanks for all of the good vibes you’ve sent…shall also update on that when I hear back xx

Wish Me Good Vibes Today

21 Nov

I need all the positive thinking and positive energy I can get! Today is one of possibly many crutial days…All will be revealed soon hopefully, and a less stressed out me means more better blogging and more shopping!!

Random bunny, not my Bob. He’s too stubborn to be taught cool things like this. Although he’s developed a fascination with my hand and I can make him hop round and round in a circle trying to chase my hand…

Fashion Fix

18 Nov

Another delayed Fashion Fix…apologies folks. Had some rather interesting news recently, could put life back on track after things going off the rails slightly. But less of that for now, more fashion!

Hats off to Stephen Jones

He’s worked with everyone from Dame Vivienne to Giles Deacon, and dressed the heads of anyone who’s anyone; so it’s only right that master milliner Stephen Jones is set to scoop the Outstanding Achievement award at the British Fashion Awards on 25th November.

Wang wins!

In another awards related news story, Alexander Wang has scooped this year’s prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund prize. He’s the proud winner of $200,000 plus a year’s mentoring from an industry insider, not that he needs it! Alexander Wang is going global over the next year, if the success of previous winners Proenza Schouler and Doo Ri are anything to go by.

And another win!

Anyone else getting slightly bored of all these fashion awards going on?! This is the last, and most awesome. I absolutely love Dame Vivienne, and it seems luxury group Walpole do too, they have awarded her with their Medal of Excellence award in recognition of her continued support of the fashion industry, including her decision to show the Red Label collection on London catwalks. Chanel won best international luxury brand, while was named best British luxury brand online.

Farewell Cacharel

Last year, Eley Kishimoto replaced Clements Ribeiro as artistic directors at Cacharel, but now the design duo are to leave too. It’s said to be an amicable settlement, however, Eley has hinted that they weren’t ready to leave and wanted to stay for a few more seasons, she stated that a “difference in creative vision” is the reason for the split. I think that would be the fashion equivalent of a celebrity divorce ending due to “irreconcilable differences” ;o)
Madonna, Meisel, Marc

There is now an image accompanying the rumours, rumours that Madonna will be the face of Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2009 collection. Steven Meisel supposedly snapped the superstar last Friday, Marc Jacobs and Madonna were cozying up in Chataeu Marmont the previous weekend.

Uncle Karl!

Karl Lagerfeld has just shot actress Tallulah Harlech and her mother in a short silent film which will open Chanel’s pre-autumn/winter 2009/2010 presentation next month. She had the following to say about Mr Lagerfeld:

“Karl has a very specific way he wants you to walk and look and turn. Karl is hilarious. As serious and scary as he looks, he tells the best jokes.”

Here Come The Girls….

16 Nov

Oooh yes it was ladies night on Saturday! Well, we had one male gatecrash but I like to call him Token (as in our token gay) so I guess he’s allowed! We went for a delicious meal where the wine flowed very freely and headed off to a few bars for cocktails before hitting a club. Safe to say we were tipsy by the time we left the restaurant, so it was most definately a good night! Cut to the end of the night, too raucous to get picked up by a cab we had to walk about half an hour to our hotel, but hey, we were too drunk to feel the cold so it doesn’t really matter. Outfitwise, decided on a pretty simple with a slight hint at the 80s…I absolutely adore this high waisted sequin mini!

Top – H&M
Skirt – H&M
Shoes – Dune

Super Kawaii!

14 Nov

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Little known fact about me: I’ve been toying with the idea of going to Japan for 3 months to teach English, perfect my Japanese and of course observing the fashion. I’ve been fascinated by Harajuku style for ages and I’m dying to see it first hand, rather than carefully chosen and edited pictures. I’m still thinking about doing it next March, the thing is most places want you to commit to 6-12 months but I only want to take out 3 months to do it. There’s one place that does it for 3 months, but you need 1000 classroom hours of experience…so I guess I’m kinda stuck til I find another way…

In the meantime, I’m going to have to rely on the Internet to get my fix of Harajuku style. Here’s a small selection of some of the style tribes occupying Harajuku:

Visual Kei

Visual Kei was initially started by jrock (Japanese Rock) musicians and is identified by elaborate costumes and eccentric hairstyles as well as crazy make up. Musical influences can be anything from 80s goth rock to punk.

Gothic Lolita

Gothic Lolita is a trend among teenagers and young women. They are characterised by frilly, ruffled knee length dresses and bonnets. They can be either very dark or very cute looking.


Kawaii means cute or pretty. It’s a major part of Japanese culture and crosses over entertainment, clothes and toys…think Hello Kitty! It is characterised by wearing cute clothes that look like they’re for little kids and just accentuating cuteness with bright colours or pastels and oversize accessories. Characters such as Hello Kitty or anime are heavily featured.
Decora is a subset of Kawaii, it is characterised by layering brightly coloured accessories.


Cosplay is short for costume play. It is characterised by dressing up as manga or anime characters

Obviously the images I’ve got above are way, way too much to recreate all the way in the UK! But I had a little go anyway. It’s a little Kawaii and a little Cosplay, my inspiration was a mixture of Gogo from Kill Bill and images of Japanese school girls…God I love their uniforms, I was stuck in a burgundy and grey monstrosity!! A little light on the accessories but I think the fan does well.

Jumper – H&M
Skirt – New Look
Shoes – Primarni
Fan – Notting Hill Carnival