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Musical interlude

11 Sep

A wee break from the comings and goings during New York Fashion Week, thanks to the wonderful Dapper Kid. The stylish one has very sweetly tagged me for a little musical interlude.

“Post a song/or part of a song that represents you, or part of you”

As well as fashion, I’m passionate about music (and movies for that matter). It’s hard to pick one song that represents me, as it’s very dependant on my mood. I have approximately 4,641 ‘favourite ever’ songs! So I’m going to pick a song that reflects my current mood: Ciara – My love.

I don’t think Ciara ever released it, I can’t find a proper video for it. But it’s my song at the moment, the lyrics really sum up what I’m feeling – “Boy you had a keeper, didn’t know how to treat her, should have felt a little deeper, and now you’re gonna miss my love”.


NYFW – Wed 10th

11 Sep

With all this free time, I’ve been thinking a lot and coming up with loads of random conclusions. Like the effect of the Internet on fashion. We’re free to seek what we like, be it fashion week images or random vintage stores. I’m choosing the fashion week images that I want and I like, rather than what’s going to get dictated to me via magazines. Saying that though, magazines still have their place, this month’s Harper’s is particularly amazing, it’s an all black issue of a different kind, paying homage to the dark, Gothic mood that has fallen over fashion this Fall. Ok, so these conclusions aren’t particularly deep, Jeremy Kyle, Laguna Beach and The Hills are as intellectual as my days get I’m afraid! But hey, at least I get to pour over fashion week images at my leisure 🙂 And here are my picks for today….

Oscar de la Renta

3.1 Phillip Lim


Michael Kors

Nanette Lapore

* Source

NYFW – Tues 9th

11 Sep

I’m way to tired to comment (had a visit from The Boy and his mum today, so my brain’s pretty much just a bunch of mush right now). There were some great shows though, enjoy 🙂


Benjamin Cho

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Matthew Williamson

Max Azria

Narciso Rodriguez

* Source

NYFW – Mon 8th

9 Sep

Wow…so much to watch up on! These are the shows from yesterday (Mon 8th). Is it sad that I get ridiculously excited every time the Fashion Weeks come round, and pour over all the pictures? I’m sure you won’t find it sad, cause us fashion girls are the same. So….enjoy 😉

Ohne Titel

Beautifully constructed pieces – structured – translucence vs opacity

Victoria Beckham.

Scandalously body-con – Totally VB

Proenza Schouler

Confident – Tough – 80s

Isaac Mizrahi

Cool neutrals – Bright neons – Translucence

Jill Stuart

Pretty ballerina – Dreamy chiffon – Ethereal

Marc Jacobs

Phenomenal – Cleverly complex

* Source

Let’s just take a moment to pull ourselves together

8 Sep
Thank you all so much for your kind words and support. Everything you have said means the world to me. It’s been a roller coaster of a weekend, emotions all over the place. My mum booked me a doctor’s appointment today, the doctor signed me off work for two weeks due to stress…so I’ve got while to get my head together.
Ok second part of my post…I really need to pull myself together. Yes, a terrible thing happened…but I wasn’t the first and I definitely won’t be the last girl to be taken in by some scum. So I need to get over this and get on with it. And what does a girl need in times like these? A vat of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked is a great start, retail therapy is also much needed. Going from one extreme to the other, I checked out total mass production in the form of Topshop to the always amazing Urban Collection. Now, what to buy?

What to do..?

7 Sep

What to do…when you discover your boyfriend is a lying, cheating bastard; that the last year and 3 months was based on lies; that all the plans you made for the future were complete and utter bullshit? Crying would be a good first option, forwarding his filthy emails to 20-25 of your nearest and dearest would be a good second option, but what then? Well I stupidly chose to actually give him a 2 hour lift back to London, then visit Selfridges. But sometimes there’s a void that even Selfridges can’t fill. Japanese food was my next great idea, but my appetite was gone and it just didn’t taste the same.

Debating on whether putting the contents of his email or a picture of us up here is a good idea or not….Well having little pieces of my heart littered around London after hours wandering around in the rain, I think I’m entitled to a few bad decisions.

Subject:Your ad #28073582: Looking for Bi Couples, Bi Women or Bi Men (8″;;+) – Tue 2nd Sept

The Ex: hey bi guy here so i loved the sound of your ad, sorry i never sent a pic but im at work so dont have one here lol. but email me back and ill send u one, i live in wembley and wud definitly be up for a group session of fun. 07949957xxx

The girl: how big are you and will need to see an erect cock pic

The Ex: im just under 6 and can send u the pic later on 2nite, if u call me ill come online and send the pic, is that ok with you? please reply, as your ad hit my spot lol wud u love to see if this works out

Fall 08 black leggings

6 Sep
Last year, I used to live in tshirt dresses/oversize tees/anything and black cotton leggings. They were perfect, went with anything, versatile and very, very comfy. They are definately a sensible ‘keeper’ trend, a classic. But every year, classics get a twist, an update to make them relevant for this year or at least a season. I’m covetting black leggings with texture – latex, wool, lace, wet look. I’ve already got some wool ones which I used to wear last year, but I want new ones to add to my collection. Namely Kova & T latex leggings and Sass & Bide black rats leggings. The Boy is not impressed with Kova & T’s offering, warning me not to wear them in his presense and informing me that latex is the hooker’s fabric of choice. He’s a boy though, and we all know that they know nothing!!

Sass & Bide Black Rats Leggings

Kova & T Black Latex Leggings