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Kate Moss sizzles in the hammam

31 Aug

The new W magazine spread – Kate Moss looking sultry in a traditional Hammam. Amazing images!

* Source W Magazine


30 Aug

Ok so finally caught up with my sleep, laundry and everything else. Barcelona was absolutely amazing, I’m not entirely sure why I even boarded the plane back! I tried to make the most of it while I was out there by not sleeping much but there’s so much to see, I definately want to go back. The architecture is so beautiful, the Sagrada Familia blew me away it’s got to be the most beautiful building I’ve ever seen. Las Ramblas and Cataluna square are amazing places to hang out and people watch. I had such an amazing time, definately give it the thumbs up! Going to post on the fashion and stuff I bought when I’ve managed to take pictures of them all, but for now I’m going to leave you with very happy images of me!

The super big post…

29 Aug
To make up for my absence. Still not caught up with laundry, unpacking and generally getting back to normal after my lil trip. All that stuff aside, there’s so much other stuff to catch up on fashion-wise…so bear with me and the random ramblings and topic jumping! I’ll post on my trip and of course the shopping I did over the weekend.
1. Matthew Williamson to leave Pucci??
Pucci and Williamson always seemd like a genius pairing, but there are very strong rumours that Williamson is going to leave shortly to focus on his own label. It kind of makes sense, he has his own label as well as a diffusion label for Debenhams, it’s not easy to balance that with heading up an international label like Pucci. Favourite to replace Williamson is Peter Dundas, rather than an in-house design assistant. Watch this space for updates…

2. Effects of the all black Vogue Italia
There’s already been ripples in the fashion world since the notorious issue of Vogue Italia. Jourdan Dunn graced the September cover of ID magazine and Chanel Iman featured in the fall DKNY campaign. Now top catwalk casting director Daniel Peddle has hailed Arlenis Sosa as one of his new favourites. Does this mark the end of the Eastern European blonde haired model trend?

3. New York Fashion Week is a mere week away…
4. Kate Moss + W Magazine spread = amazing. More on that later.

5. Excuse my ignorance, but who’s Rashida Jones?!

The girl’s got style. Spied this pic of Rashida at some event in LA. Is that a Topshop skirt?!

6. Rodarte have another shoe collaboration for Spring/Summer ’09, this time with Nicholas Kirkwood instead of Christian Louboutin.
And finally…
7. Fashion and Khloe Kardashian?? Well they rhyme but they certainly don’t ‘go’. Apparently Ms Kardashian is hosting an Elle-sponsored fashion show. I’m going to leave it there, cause let’s face it, nothing can top that!!

Arm candy

25 Aug

With accessories, I think you either love them or hate them: you’re either a shoe girl or a bag lady, you either love watches or hate them. Well I think you all know that I’m a total shoe girl and as for watches, I haven’t worn one since I was 13. They just seemed a little unnecessary, I have a phone which tells me the time I don’t need something on my wrist! Obviously I would never say no if someone offered me a nice Chanel watch though…

However, I discovered this brand Toywatch a while ago andI feel a little obsession growing. I’m not sure what it is about them, they’re just different. Now I just need to decide what one to buy, bright pink and yellow are calling my name..but the black ones are just so slick and classic. What’s a girl to do?

* Source Toywatch

Good news/bad news

24 Aug
Time for a little politik ladies and gentlemen. The UK is in a technical recession (I think), after two quarters of negative growth. Banks are reluctant to spend, commodities and food prices are soaring, petrol is still about 20p more a litre than it was 8 months ago. Times are tough and the outlook is bleek. Ok now that’s the bad news dealt with, now for the good, cause it can’t all be doom and gloom! The Net-A-Porter sale is still going strong with an additional 20% off now, if you enter the word ‘summer’ at the checkout. If you need any justification for spending, technically by putting money into the economy, you’re helping the UK recover from the recession. As one of the biggest retailers in the UK says, every little helps 😉

Here are my top picks under £60…
Day Birger et Mikkelsen pleated shorts £40 from £80

Vanessa Bruno Trapese Tank £45 from £60

Tory Burch Linen Shorts £ 46 from £115

Vanessa Bruno Athe top £49 from £70

MM6 Maison Martin Margeila shorts £52.50 from £105

By Malene Birger top £52.50 from £70

Vanessa Bruno dress £56.25 from £75

hable español?

23 Aug
I’m going AWOL again guys! I’m off to Barcelona for a girly holiday. I speak no Spanish whatsoever so it should be interesting to say the least!! It’s all booked but whether I’ll actually get there is another matter…packing is not going well at all everything seems essential or too cute to leave behind. I’ve only got hand luggage allowance so I’ve got to squeeze everything into a teeny case. Can you actually see the case under that mountain of clothes?! I’ve also got to plan a hot outfit for tonight, I’m going out to celebrate one of my best friend’s engagements very briefly before going to bed to catch my early flight.
Oh and I’m not leaving you in the lurch! I’ve scheduled some posts so keep checking back! Should be something brand new to read everyday 🙂

Some of the beautiful sights in Barcelona. I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful Gaudi architecture, the beach and of course the shops!!

Interview – Kate Moss

22 Aug

Miss Moss is notoriously interview-shy, I always grab a copy of whatever she’s on the cover of in the hope that there’s more than an editorial. Interview magazine have a full-blown interview, which I can’t wait to get my hands on. In the meantime, I’m going to devour these pictures….

* Source Fashionista