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Moi, c’est bleugh

31 Jul
Another half hearted attempt at a post. I attempted some retail therapy but most of what I picked up was wrong, oh so wrong. Only two items were keepable, a cute dove grey shirt and some ankle glads. Et voila….

Fall into The Gap

30 Jul
That was probably my favourite ever tagline for Gap. Nowadays, the might be lacking the genius tagline, but they are more than making up for it with amazing faces in their campaigns. Fall 08 has been subject to much speculation, from everyone from Chanel Iman to *gasp* Scott Schuman. Division Street has just posted 4 adverts – Chanel Iman, Georgina Chapman, Lily Donaldson (yippee!) and Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. Can you imagine Carine Roitfeld shopping at Gap?!

Selling out or sticking with your dream?

29 Jul
I feel so rubbish about the lack of posting going on recently, my whole life is just revolving around job applications at the moment. My current workplace is shit, I got a final warning for sending personal emails a while back and it’s all gone downhill since then. I’ve literally been applying like crazy, I’ve been getting good feedback and interviews etc but just nothing thats me really. Right now, I just feel like I’m going round and round in circles, I want to carry on working in marketing but in the fashion/retail industry cause let’s face it, I’m obsessed. I just don’t have relevant fashion marketing experience. I’m so so unhappy at work, and I’m debating to just get any marketing job and giving up on my dream so to speak. But I’ve never been a sell out in my life and I don’t want to start now. I think I’m in need of a pep talk, a hug and some retail therapy.

Times like this, I start thinking about people who I admire. Kate Moss is on that list, no matter what, she has gone with what she wants. Even during the Pete Doherty stage, when the whole world was telling her he’s no good, she stuck with him. Simply because it’s what she wanted to do. And she’s always come out of controversy and drama stronger than ever. Oh and she’s got impeccable style yada yada. Seems like life is always sweet when you’re Kate Moss.

Eccentric tea parties – merry unbirthdays – rabbit holes

27 Jul
Everyone knows the story of Alice in Wonderland. And everyone from Dali to Disney has tried to put their own stamp on Alice’s tale…but my favourite is the Vogue 2003 spread. Annie Leibovitz perfectly captures Natalie Vodianova as Alice alongside several top designers in a fantastically fashionable wonderland. I stumbled upon these pictures whilst looking for some inspiration, the next parcel through my letterbox is the DVD 🙂

Alice and Tom Ford falling down the rabbit hole. Yves Saint Laurent Gauche dress.

Helmut Lang watching an oversize Alice. Helmut Lang made-to-measure dress.

Alice trying to make sense of a mushroom dwelling Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs dress.

Alice, a queer shaped creature and Karl Lagerfeld. Chanel Haute Couture skirt and jacket.

Alice questions our grinning cheshire, Gaultier. Gaultier Paris dress.

Alice encounters the nonsensical Victor & Rolf. Victor & Rolf dress.

Alice is confronted by Queen of Hearts, John Galliano. Dior Haute Couture dress.

Alice escapes through the looking glass as Nicholas Ghesquiere relaxes. Balenciaga dress.

* Source

Haven’t you heard, I’m the crazy bitch around here…

24 Jul

The final episode of Gossip Girl just aired in the UK, finally! I’ve always been a fan of Serena, but Blair really came into her own in this episode. Serena was always a bit more likable, until now. And from a fashion point of view, there’s no competition B wins hands down – the hairbands, the socks and tights, the prim and properness of it all….flawless. All hail Queen B!

ps – Sporadic blogging over the next weekend, going AWOL again

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The shoes deserve a name, non?

23 Jul
I talk about them like they’re an actual person, and I love them like an actual person. While the current description – ‘Those crazy sexy shoes I bought the other day’ is very accurate, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue easily, so they need a name. Now I know naming inanimate objects doesn’t make me sound like the sanest person, but they do deserve it for being so perfect. I just can’t think of any fitting name, the only name I’ve come up with is Angelina, she’s incredibly sexy just like the shoes and Jolie means pretty which they certainly are.

Anyway, I’ve already started experimenting with outfits, and I’m convinced they go with absolutely everything. I told H that I would wear them everyday til I die and I think it’s definately possible!

New shoes new shoes!

22 Jul
My wardrobe is tidy…ok ok tidier…but the thing that’s really going to inspire me is new stuff. Well that’s my excuse for shopping anyway! I’ve loved these Givenchy shoes since forever, I’m pretty sure I gasped out loud when I first saw them. I would go as far as to describe them as exquiste masterpieces of modern design.

Anyway, today I was innocently accompanying my friend H on a quest for new shoes (my mind was on a new dress but more of that later) and I literally heard these shoe boots calling my name. They reminded me of the Givenchy shoes straight away and I just had to have them, I didn’t even try them on I just wanted to take them and leave the shop before rational thoughts of being poor entered my head!

Shoes – Dune

* Source Jak & Jill